At redpepper, we take brainstorming seriously.

Our creative culture buzzes with energy, sparking innovative thinking that takes our campaigns to the next level. We aren’t satisfied with just doing “good” work. We do awesome work. Our creative process is littered with bold concepting and striking ideas. Our vibrantly collaborative atmosphere is a supportive, affirming space in which we embrace ambiguity as an opportunity to explore. As an intern, creating alongside our team members isn’t a possible opportunity; it’s a hard-and-fast guarantee. We want you to bring your energy, your curiosity, your perspective, and your voice to work every day so you can actively contribute to our culture.

The ad world is incredibly dynamic and we’re going to give you a lot of leash to play and explore this industry, but we will also provide you with some focused structure to help you get the most out of your experience with us. You will be paired with a mentor who will consistently meet with you to ensure that your time with redpepper is as fulfilling and valuable as possible. While our internships are unpaid, we guarantee that working with redpepper will be an incredible investment in building your skills, experience, and network. In addition to the agency work you’ll be doing, you will pilot a personal intern project in which you get to design and present on whatever inspires you about this industry. With collaboration being such a central facet of our business, we also give you the opportunity to collectively brainstorm and construct a creative campaign vision from the ground up with your fellow interns.

We look forward to building exciting, innovative teams of college juniors, seniors and recent graduates for our fall, spring, and summer intern programs. If you’re ready for a high-energy, affirming culture that challenges and equips you to execute creative visions, redpepper is just what you’re looking for. If you think you can bring the thunder to our company, shoot us your application. And if you’re reading this thinking, how much can really happen in a three-month, 20 hour a week (minimum) internship? Well that's exactly our question to you.

Available Internships

rp Marketing

We’re looking for Marketing and Sales interns who could accurately be described as human search engines. They come alive by running with questions to uncover insights, trends, and solutions in surprising places. And they can translate their findings into writing, spreadsheets, or the often-underrated verbal explanation. (TED Talks, anyone?)

Specific tasks include: Research, PR, Social media management, Database management, etc.

Client Services

We’re looking for Client Services interns who take “business-minded” to a new level. They’re excellent communicators to both left- and right-brainers. They’re highly creative problem solvers who are also meticulous about details. And they get an adrenaline rush from hearing the word “spreadsheet.”

Specific tasks include: learning and supporting account management, client advocacy, budgeting and scopes of work, coordinating team and managing creative.

Video Production

We’re looking for Video Production interns to support our creative team with in house marketing videos, photo shoots, lab projects and more! Our design team has video dreams and we need YOU to make those a reality. You’ll be a part of every phase of the process and get tons more creative control than you would at a video production company. We promise you’ll be doing more than fetching coffee and lugging cases of water bottles.

Specific tasks include: research, storyboarding, pre, post, and regular ol’ production, casting, talent wrangling, data management, editing, securing rental equipment, and even hair and makeup if you’re talented in that area!

Production Services

Production Services is the hub of redpepper, managing projects, traffic, and production for the agency. We’re looking for Production Services interns who want to see agency life from every angle - from the big picture to the nuts and bolts that make up a company. If you like to make lists (check!), you want to help run campaigns through our agency (check!) and you want to add “interned at redpepper” to your resume (check!) - we need you!;

Specific tasks include: research, learning project planning, supporting project management, and even a little team motivation.

rp Operations

We are looking for Operations interns who are passionate about the work that goes into building and supporting an awesome team. Operations interns are fascinated by all of the crucial behind the scenes work that allows a company to run smoothly. If you think you’re right for the gig, then you’ll be interested in gaining complete exposure to all of our internal operations best practices. These processes range from some of your typical human resources and accounting tasks to talent management and cultural development services. It all comes down to producing and maintaining an aligned company of stars who are always encouraged to hustle and grow. In addition to this, you’re hard-working, detail-oriented, a little statistic loving, and a team player who wants to learn!

Specific tasks include: support interview process, help maintain a database of candidates, support company-wide communication, conduct research, help manage projects, document and share key insights, expense audits, assisting with monthly financial reviews, promote effective communication and growth amongst your own intern class, and much more.

rp Accounting

Hey. We just checked our AIR (Accounting Interns Receivable), and it looks like we’re short one. Do you think you could come help us balance our sheet? We’d really depreciate it.

If you like our accounting jokes, you might like hanging out with us while you log some real world experience. We’re looking for accounting interns who want to learn the financial ropes of a creative agency (that’s us). You’ll crunch some numbers here, sure. But on a cooler level, you’ll be trusted with the behind-the-scenes information that keeps this place running. We’re picturing some major Beautiful Mind breakthrough moments. But maybe avoid writing on the windows. Lots of cars pass our building, and your numbers are fairly top secret.  

Specific tasks include: filing invoices, operating Quickbooks and other accounting software, managing employee files, writing journal entries, reconciling accounts, etc.



Design Services

We’re looking for Design interns with fantastical portfolios that showcase a wide variety of conceptual, well thought out work that is relevant to what we do here at redpepper. And they should be Adobe Creative Suite wiz kids, too. 

Specific tasks include: designing internal projects, assisting in brainstorming and concepting sessions, and more.

Space and Event Management   

We are looking for Space & Event Management Interns who are passionate about planning and executing meetings and events. We designed every stitch of our space for creative collaboration, and it has been a perfect venue for corporate meetings and creative industry events. If you are eager to show off your superb event coordinating skills, dream of ways to best prep a room to bring an idea to life and you throw dinner parties rivaled by none - we need you!

Specific tasks include: planning, research, delivering clever and delightful summaries of your immense knowledge, prepping rooms, and very possibly running around like crazy in our brand new space.

Interactive Design

We’re looking for Interactive Design interns who’ve curated their crazy cool portfolios into their own website or blog. They’re masters of Adobe Creative Suite who can translate the visual to digital seamlessly. If you’ve lost count of your Tumblr themes, have your favorite colors memorized by hex code, can get your pixels to sparkle and write code to match, or are always wondering “by Tim Burners-Lee’s Beard! How did they get that animation so smooth?” – we’re looking for you!.

Specific tasks include: front-end development, designing web page layouts, creating interactive graphics, and more!

Production Coordinator

Producing Hamilton would have been a disaster without busy bees like you zooming around behind the scenes making sure every tailcoat-clad lad was ready and accounted for. You’ve probably thought that same exact thought. You probably think it whenever you see a magazine spread. Or any perfectly-executed photo, for that matter.

We like your type—type A, that is.

We’re looking for Production Coordinator interns to help with behind-the-scenes planning, scheduling, and coordinating for our photoshoots, video shoots, and print production work. You know—all the stuff that takes a highly-organized, quick communicator who thrives on the business side of creative projects. If nothing tickles your insides more than an on-track, smooth-running project, then we’re both in the right place.

Specific tasks include: assist with scheduling for photo and video shoots; assist in print production needs, team coordination, and studio maintenance; and help grow our bench of trusted photo, video and print production vendors!

rp Strategy

We're looking for strategy interns interested in assisting our team with research, strategy, and execution. If you’re looking for real experience, then keep reading, because at our agency, you'll be doing real, client-impacting work.  And you'll be doing it with some of the most talented people in the industry. At redpepper, strategy is all about understanding how human behavior connects to the client experience. Through industry research and market data, we help our clients to tell an impactful story. If you’re a creative and critical thinker who’s ready to dive into real work, this could be a perfect fit for you!

Specific tasks include: planning and organizing primary research activities, assisting in the design of market research tools such as surveys and interviews, conducting research to uncover industry trends, taking notes for workshops and client calls, assisting with the creation of post-workshop deliverables and strategic insight reports, participating in ideation and strategy working sessions, etc.

Questions? You can probably find your answer here. 

Are your internships paid?

All redpepper internships are unpaid, which means you probably won’t be getting any fancy new cars while you’re here. What you will get, however, is an awesome learning experience and advertising street cred.

How long does your program last?

Interns work with us for a three month span and a minimum of 20 hours a week.

Who is eligible for the program?

We’re looking for currently enrolled college juniors and seniors and recent graduates who have been out of school less than a year.

I’ve already graduated college. Can I apply?

If you have graduated within the last year, you are welcome to apply.

What if I want to apply for two positions?

Great! Just put the names of each position in the email subject line.

Does every applicant get an interview?

We only grant interviews to the applicants that stand out to us as potential candidates. That being said, be sure you present yourself in the most professional light possible and submit the necessary application materials.

Is every internship position offered in Nashville and Atlanta?

Because of how our office is currently structured, not all internships are offered at both locations. Currently, all internships are offered exclusively in Nashville.