Intern with us, you won't regret it

How to Apply

Send all your materials to with your desired position in the subject line.

Make sure you include everything it will take for us to believe that
there’s no option but to make you our newest, best intern ever. 

Send us the following:

  1. If your internship warrants a portfolio, reel, or writing samples, please don't send us everything you've ever done. We want to see only your best, most relevant work. Keep it short and sweet. 
  2. Include a cover letter that explains what you'll bring to the table in terms of experience, expertise, perspective, and so on. 
  3. Tailor your resume to include the most relevant experience and information you can give us. 
  4. Provide at least one relevant reference so we can get a third-party confirmation of your mad skills.


Want to go above and beyond? We hoped so! Here are some tips and tricks that distinguish great applicants from good ones.

  • Do some research! We want you to let us know that you know about redpepper.
  • Send your application materials as PDFs.
  • A written letter of recommendation is always better than sending us someone’s contact info - we want to know they like you enough to tell us about it!
  • Make sure we know if you want to work with our Nashville or Atlanta office.


Want a Tour?

Are you a student or professor who wants to learn more about redpepper? We offer tours of the Nashville office to many college groups.

Email Julie at for more information! 


Atlanta Technology Village
3423 Piedmont Rd NE
Suite 435
Atlanta, GA 30305


305 Jefferson St. 
Nashville, TN — 37013