redpepper : as told through popular 90’s TV shows

redpepper : as told through popular 90’s TV shows

Working as an intern at redpepper has been an incredibly memorable experience. From the bountiful cups of coffee, to the plethora of dogs, to the overall aesthetic, there is an incredible amount of inspiration that seeps through every crevice of the space. There are mentors, and now friends, around every corner—and they are more than willing to answer questions, prompt creativity, and give you a helping hand whenever you need it. In order to further demonstrate just a few of the things that I have grown to love about redpepper, here are a few snippets from some classic 90’s TV shows. Hopefully these will help you understand why, if given the opportunity, you should take the chance to be a redpepper intern. Enjoy!

1. Let’s start with the space
“Wow” is honestly the best way to describe redpepper. As soon as you walk in, you can see that creativity thrives here. From the bright splashes of red on the walls throughout the building, to the string lights in Wonderland Cafe, to the lack of cubicles, this place immediately gives off the creative vibe that innovators crave. redpepper screams “We’re really cool & we make really cool stuff!” and that’s evident to everyone who walks in the door.


2. Two Words: THE. COFFEE.
Similar to this classic scene from “Friends”, once you walk up the stairs and smell the fresh coffee brewing on a Monday morning at redpepper, you’ll be fighting to be first in line, pushing anyone and everyone out of the way for a taste of cold brew. No matter the time, the day, nor the occasion, redpepper continuously has coffee brewed for anyone and everyone. With various different brews, you can easily find which one fits your mood, and lets you get your best work done.

3. The People
Let me tell you about the people at redpepper: they are INCREDIBLE. As an intern, it can be really scary when you come into a really cool company like this, not really knowing what to expect. We’re still in college, therefore, we’re still learning about the industry and how it works, so sometimes being around professionals can be really intimidating. However, redpeppers are professional, yet personable. They remember how it was to be an intern, and always appreciate and anticipate any questions an intern could have. Take advantage of it!


4. The Push for Growth
Personal growth at redpepper is one of the foundations of the business, and while there isn’t a literal push, like the one pictured, personal growth is strongly encouraged. Honestly, it’s hard NOT to grow being a part of redpepper, since you learn so many new things every single day—one of the five core values of redpepper literally states, “we actively support personal growth.” This along with the other four core values of this company equally support the purpose of a push towards personal and professional growth.


5. Last but Certainly not Least: The Dogs
My favorite thing about redpepper? It’s bring your dog to work day every day. Working in such a pet-friendly environment helps reduce stress, and while redpepper itself is already a fun place to work, adding a dog in the mix and you have the BEST work environment ever.


My time at redpepper has definitely been well spent, and I want to encourage any future interns who are considering this internship to by all means go for it! You will learn more than you know at this incredible place, and make connections that you’ll never forget.

Maggie Robinson, Space and Events intern, Murfreesboro, TN



5 things you’ll learn your first week as a redpepper intern

5 things you’ll learn your first week as a redpepper intern

1.     Step outside your comfort zone.
At redpepper, your internship encompasses more than your assigned role. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean you’ll be doing coffee runs; however, you will be expected to try new things. As a design intern, I initially thought that I would be given work to design, and that would be it. While I’ve done plenty of that, I’ve also helped with brainstorming sessions, sat in on client workshops, and participated in client phone calls. You’ll soon learn that at redpepper, job descriptions are not restricted to one task, and you’ll step outside your comfort zone to get a wide range of experiences through this internship.


2.     Have more mentors than the ones you were assigned.
Every intern is assigned one or two mentors, and they are your first point of contact when you get to work. You’ll form amazing relationships with your mentors as they tell you stories, show you their past work, and give you exciting projects. You’re going to love your mentors, but they aren’t the only people who will give you work. Every day, the other redpeppers request that interns do various tasks, ranging from setting up a room for a meeting, to designing project briefs for new clients. Have more “mentors” than the ones you were assigned, and form relationships with the other redpeppers, to both expand your network and make new friends!


3.     Ask as many questions as you need.
Odds are, you’ve never worked in an advertising agency before this internship. And if you have, I bet this is your first time working at redpepper. On your first day you’ll probably feel a little overwhelmed. Being given tasks while a team is mid-project is not easy, and to do a good job you’ll need to ask questions in order to have a full understanding about what you’re doing. I promise, you’re never going to be judged or criticized; the whole point of an internship is to learn, and how can you properly learn without asking questions? No one expects you to be a seasoned designer, marketing expert, production wizard, etc. on your first day. Take this opportunity to learn as much as you can and ask as many questions as you need.


4.     Be a team player.
At the beginning of your internship, you’ll take a quiz to see your DiSC profile; this is essentially a personality quiz that shows you how you work, think, and interact with others. Read and understand your profile, because no matter how introverted or extroverted you are, it is important to know the best way to express your thoughts and opinions. This is important in this internship, because you’ll rarely be working on anything alone. And even if you are, you’re definitely going to get someone else’s feedback. Your DiSC profile is a great starting point for being a team player.


5.     Make the most of it.
This internship will be what you make of it. Of course, you’ll have guidance and help throughout the process, but it’s on you to reach out for additional work to do, to attend meetings, and to get things done by their deadlines. This internship is an opportunity for you to prove to both redpepper and yourself that you can be counted on, and that you are a true professional. So, make the most of this experience. Work your butt off, make memories, and have a blast.

Sarah Nagy, Design Services intern, Winston-Salem, NC



Be Your First Supporter of Personal Growth

Be Your First Supporter of Personal Growth

When looking for an internship, you can get so  overwhelmed with excitement, anxiety and more often than not, rejection. It can be really difficult to keep yourself from becoming discouraged and throwing in the towel all together when faced with rejection. This was a really hard pill for me to swallow when I was going through what seemed to be a never-ending search for the “perfect fit” internship. Agency A was too small for me, Agency B had a structure too uptight for my liking, I wasn’t advanced or educated enough for Agency C; the list of excuses grew longer and longer as to why a particular internship wouldn’t work for me. I was trying so hard to keep myself from experiencing rejection, but what I wasn’t realizing was that I was keeping myself from experiencing acceptance.

When I first came across redpepper’s intern website, I was so in awe of how trendy it was that I immediately thought “I, in no way, compare to the coolness of this agency, I’ll just keep looking,” but after a few minutes of browsing on the intern website then on the main site, I discovered redpepper’s core values. The five core values are the basis of redpepper’s culture and when put together, these values all drive as one to enhance and expand a singular focus: personal growth.


This really struck a chord with me and I had an almost light bulb-like moment. If an agency’s main focus would be to support my personal growth throughout my internship, I needed to be my first and strongest supporter. I had not been actively supporting myself or my growth and I was ultimately holding myself back from opportunity. Wayne Gretzky said “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take,” and I wasn’t even attempting to take a shot. My entire mindset changed in that moment and I applied to become a redpepper intern. Fast forward a couple of months and I’m currently sitting in Wonderland, redpepper’s café, writing this blog post.


My time here at redpepper so far has been amazing. It has been above and beyond what I imagined it would be. I’m constantly learning, changing, petting the sweetest puppies and refilling my coffee cup on the way to meetings. This internship has been more than I ever could have asked for. So my advice to you, future peppers, is take the leap. Be your biggest supporter! You never know what you can accomplish until you try and trust me, this internship is worth a shot.


Maggy Brown, rp Client Services intern, Blakely, GA



How to Considerately Apply to be a redpepper intern

During my time at redpepper, I’ve gotten to help out and see the intern hiring process from the ~other side.~ (Which has been cool and scary. But mostly cool.)

So, from an intern, for you intern hopefuls: here’s the skinny on how to standout (in a good way.)

1. Follow the instructions.

We’ve made detailed instructions on We put all the information out there to make sure that you can put your best foot forward in your application.

(One of the big ones: know how to spell redpepper correctly! ((all lowercase))) 

If you have a question, make sure you look there first. Our talent team loves getting to interact with you and see your personality, but we put information on the website for a reason and re-answering a questions that has an answer on the website is not our favorite way to interact with you. We’ve put things on the website for a reason!


2. Be patient.

Understand that you’re not the only applicant and be patient! Follow-up after ten days, not three. 
Our hiring manager is in charge of intern hiring and all our full-time hires and our freelancers. (If you weren’t keeping up with the math there, that’s a lot of people.)

3. Make a case for yourself!

The easier you make it for us to see why you’d be the best redpepper intern ever, the easier it is for us to say, “Heck yes!”

Use the freedom we give you in applying to tell us directly why you’d be awesome! (Trust me, you’ll do a better job explaining than we would do guessing.)

Lastly, remember not to stress too much! Finding internships is hard (as an intern, trust me - I know the struggle) but at the end of the day, if you’ve done your best and followed the above steps, you should sleep easy at night!

Riley Pettit, rp Operations intern, Spring Hill, KS



DiSC Types as Explorers

DiSC Types as Explorers

One thing you’ll quickly learn as an rp intern is the importance of DiSC profiles in the redpepper office. If you aren’t a personality test-fiend like me, the DiSC is a personality assessment that defines your workplace habits: your strengths, what motivates you, how you like to communicate, and areas of growth (if you’re curious, you can take a short free version here). And more importantly, DiSC profiles also tell you exactly how your fellow coworkers like to work for maximum productivity. There are four types: dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness; and each person’s profile is one trait or a combination of two. (Example: I am a DC, so my primary trait is dominance, and secondary is conscientiousness). However, it’s not a one size fits all equation, most people display elements of all the styles depending on the situation.

This super useful diagnostic tool is an important part of redpepper’s culture that I partially attribute to redpepper’s harmony within the office (other contributing factors: the abundance of pups frolicking around, unlimited high-quality coffee, and also the fact that rp is a collection of super intelligent, driven, and kind humans). To give you a better sense of the DiSC types in alignment with our explorer archetype intern class theme, here are the four different DiSC types as famous explorers!

D: Dominance

D types are natural-born leaders of the pack. They are direct, strong-willed, driven, determined, and self-confident. Dominance types drive high-level work at a quick pace, and value action, immediate results, personal freedom, and rising to meet a new challenge.

  • Strengths: loves a challenge, takes action, drives results, self-starter, decisive.
  • Areas of growth: work on cultivating patience, sensitivity, and focusing more on the details.
  • What motivates a D: new challenges, competition, and success.
  • When communicating with a D: they prefer to keep chit chat to a minimum and stay focused on the task at hand. Speak confidently, be brief, clear, and to the point.

The D type as an explorer is: Reinhold Messner!

Messner is a perfect example of the D type because he clearly loves a challenge – he climbed all fourteen of the world’s 8,000 meter mountains (affectionately known as the “death zone” mountains) and then because that wasn’t enough, solo-climbed Mt. Everest (29,029 feet) without oxygen and was the first person to reach the summit alone. The infamous mountaineer explorer has accomplished these feats due to classic D type qualities: Messner was highly driven, self-motivated, and results-oriented (the man is so determined that he lost six toes in a climb. Yeah). Though most D types aren’t living the same extreme lifestyle, Messner’s strong will and love of a challenge represent Dominance DiSC types all around.

I: Influence

I types are the people you will find in the center of the party (or really any social event, even a dull Monday morning meeting). They are magnetic, enthusiastic, social animals, and love shaping their environment through influencing others. They strive to be recognized and valued in their social circles.

  • Strengths: warm, trusting, optimistic, social, creative, enthusiastic.
  • Areas of growth: work on follow through, organization, and staying focused.
  • What motivates an I: relationships, social recognition, and group activities.
  • When communicating with an I: be engaging, spend some time chatting before focusing on the task at hand, and speak positively. Show interest in what they’re saying and don’t focus too much on the details.

The I type as an explorer is: Jacques Cousteau!

Cousteau, modern day undersea ocean explorer, represents the I type due to his insanely influential work in a number of areas: he was a naval officer, underwater explorer, photographer, conservationist, filmmaker, author, researcher, and inventor of the Aqua-Lung. Cousteau has left a huge impact in a number of different creative spaces spaces and changed the world by capturing the public’s imagination. Clearly, his creativity in many areas and enthusiasm for his work greatly influenced the world around him, which is exactly what makes I types tick.

S: Steadiness

S types are the members of your team that you can always count on to come through. They’re friendly, warm, and loyal (not unlike Stella, our resident golden retriever in the office). Their predictability and understanding natures establish peace and harmony in offices everywhere. S types enjoy working with others to accomplish a goal together, and highly value loyalty and dependability in others.

  • Strengths: loyal, team player, steady, understanding, predictable, friendly.
  • Areas of growth: work on embracing change, letting go of grudges, and establishing priorities.
  • What motivates an S: loyalty, security, and dependability.
  • When communicating with an S: give them time to think and react to what you are saying. Go slow and explain in detail. Focus on building trust and maintaining security, especially for the people close to them.

The S type as an explorer is: Sacagawea!

Sacagawea is a perfect example of an S in action. She was the ultimate team player as she led two helpless men (Lewis and Clark) across the US to explore the Louisiana Territory. They truly could not have done it without Sacagawea’s steady guidance and team-player mindset. She guided them thousands of miles from North Dakota to the Pacific and helped establish some friendly bonds between Native Americans and settlers. Sacagawea’s dependability, loyalty, and warm guidance characterizes the very best of the Steadiness type.

C: Conscientiousness

C’s are the deep thinkers and data scientists of the group. They love logic, precision, being analytical, systems, and knowledge. They work methodically and thoroughly in all their work. Conscientious types are our detail and data-minded team members that keep the rest of us in shape, on track, and focused on accuracy.

  • Strengths: analytical, conscientious, fact-finder, precise, even-tempered, thorough.
  • Areas of growth: letting go of boundaries, focusing on the big picture instead of the details, standing your ground.
  • What motivates a C: logic, high quality work, getting the details right.
  • When communicating with a C: answer all of their questions and give them time to process. Carefully explain using data and logic-backed facts. Work through the details with them and provide information ahead of time in writing.

The C type as an explorer is: Neil Armstrong!

The first American space explorer is a perfect personification of the C type. The guy was an aerospace engineer, naval aviator, and astronaut (oh, and he had the casual accomplishment of being the first man on the moon). His affinity for data (quantum physics anyone?) and detail-focus work style (because the details are pretty important when you are traveling in SPACE) make Neil an (inter)stellar example of the Conscientious DiSC type.

So how do explorers, personality tests, and interning at redpepper all relate you might ask?

Personal growth is a huge part of being an intern at redpepper. You will learn so so much - even if you tried to resist it (not that you would ever do that). You’ll learn practical on-the-job knowledge within your chosen department, get an up close and personal view of crazy busy/crazy exciting agency life, and probably most importantly: you will also be actively encouraged to be the best version of yourself. Inspiration to grow is in virtually every aspect of redpepper life, from alignment shares about mindfulness, from the company-wide #topic-growth and #inspiration Slack channels, from Tim the CEO’s book recommendations, and from multiple daily conversations around the office. Inspiration and encouragement to grow personally and professionally are ingrained within every element of rp life, which is a huge reason why we all love it here so much.

And this is where the DiSC comes in. This tool isn’t intended to label people or put them in boxes. Its real purpose is to help people identify their strengths, their passions, and areas that they can grow in. It wants to help you be better – improve at what you already own and identify areas that could be even better. The assessment also benefits the people you work with by providing them with a road map of how to work best with you, which benefits not only you but also your coworkers and your entire organization. The DiSC is an incredible tool for professional development, if you approach it as a learning manual rather than a label. The DiSC can help aid your personal development by identifying where you can grow and what you already excel at. And as our fearless leader Tim once said, “To be a star, one must know thyself.”


Rachel Perry, rp Marketing intern, Cedar Rapids, IA



redpepper Internships as Told by an Empathy Map

redpepper Internships as Told by an Empathy Map

I had never heard of an empathy map before becoming a redpepper intern. But, now it appears I have sipped the rp Kool-Aid- because I can’t think of  a better way to convey my internship experience at redpepper than just that. An empathy map is an exercise that redpepper uses with new clients to uncover their visions and goals—to empathize with them. During this exercise, redpepper and the client brainstorm what the client wants the consumers of the project to see, feel, think, and do when they interact with it. So, I invite you to look through my eyes at the redpepper internship experience as I guide you through my empathy map.


Some highlights:


  • Open space: Walking into redpepper, you are greeted by wide, open space, with a plethora of places to meet. redpepper’s culture shaped the space it is in, and the space helps shape redpepper’s culture. All of the open space, along with the variety of places to meet, enables us to connect with one another, collaborate and share ideas. You will rarely see redpeppers working in their assigned offices. They are scattered all throughout the office, working in a variety of environments—depending on what fits their current task and mood. Seeing the office can tell you more than just where redpepper works—it will tell you how redpepper works.
  • Dogs: The dogs are, in my opinion, one of the best sights to see during your time at redpepper. Admittedly, much of the time you are happier to see them than they are to see you, but they will bring a smile to your face nonetheless.


  • “I am doing purposeful work”: At redpepper, you have a role on your team. You are doing purposeful work because you are integrated into one of the company’s subsystems. You will never think “I know every coffee order in the office.” Instead, you will think about the value your work brings to your team. It is plain to see the appreciation your mentors have for your work, whether it’s a kind comment or a #preesh shoutout on the appreciation Slack channel. To me, knowing that you have done purposeful work and made an impact is the most rewarding thought to have during an internship.
  • “I want to work at a place like this”: My supervisor once told me, “Once you work at a place with a culture like this, it is nearly impossible to ever go back.” Between the unique people, the fun space, the creative atmosphere and the dogs, it would be a helpless effort to try to refute her comment. You will find yourself thinking daily, “I want to work at a place like this.” This thought is often also followed by, “Wait, I kind of do work at a place like this.” Then, “I need to figure out a way that I can keep working at this place.” It’s a thought progression that can only originate from redpepper’s unique culture.


  • Inspired: After speaking with redpepper’s CEO Tim for 10 minutes, you will walk away with 15 books to read and 12 TedTalks to watch. After attending one weekly alignment meeting, you will learn 5 new daily exercises to make you happier. After engaging in one “Coffee & Questions” meeting with the department heads, you will generate 7 new ideas to support your career development. Inspiration is everywhere at redpepper—inspirational quotes literally cover the walls of the central hub at redpepper. It’s nearly impossible to leave the office at the end of the day without a little bit of Ghandi or Henry Ford swirling around your head.
  • Busy: Jumping from a daily meeting to a client call to the internship project, you will look up at the clock and wonder how it got to be 4:30. You will feel like another bee in the hive as you become integrated with redpepper’s hard-working staff. It’s the type of busy that you’ve heard is characteristic of “the agency life.” But, you will feel lucky that this type of busy at redpepper is the fun type of busy.


  • Grow: All in all, the things we see, think, and feel at redpepper are crafted so that we can do one main thing: grow. redpepper has an obsession with growth. They want their employees to grow by developing their passions and making plans for their careers. That aspect of the culture trickles down from the top and impacts the intern experience. We are encouraged to reach out to people, to attend meetings, to ask questions, and to voice our ideas. Throughout all of these activities, we are growing. I am most grateful for this part of my internship. What else would you want out of an internship other than to grow yourself? As redpepper interns, we are given every bit of opportunity and encouragement to take control of our experience and grow more than we thought we could throughout our time here, and then grow more.

I hope this empathy map has showed you what a redpepper intern will see, think, feel and do during their time spent here. I think the greatest thing I will take from this internship is the action it has caused me take- the “do.” Not even in school have I been surrounded by at atmosphere so focused on intentional growth. I have the drive to read and explore and learn- not for a grade, but for myself. If you are thinking about interning at redpepper, I have one piece of advice: take control of your personal growth and go for it.


Elise Ferguson, Client Services intern, Louisville, KY



The rp Fall Stylebook : Which rp style are you?

The rp Fall Stylebook : Which rp style are you?


Here at rp, we believe that there is more to life than being “really, really ridiculously good looking.” However, that doesn’t mean we don’t happen to look good while creating and innovating on a regular basis! As you may gather from rp’s social media outlets, style is anything but normal at redpepper. In fact, the company believes in bringing their whole selves to work--funky fashion & all. Needless to say, you won’t be finding any grandma sweaters in here (sorry, Pam).

Wondering what to wear around Nashville’s most creative minds? Look no further--the rp Fall Stylebook is here and available for all your office fashion needs. Whether you subscribe to a traditional, zany, or casual way of life, we have a look for you.


1. Classic Chic (Ally Lanahan)


Are you on top of all the newest trends? Do your friends text you constantly for wardrobe advice and directions to the best online sales? Then Ally’s Classic Chic is the style for you. Trendy with a touch of elegance, Ally’s wardrobe takes simple statements and twists them into something classically unique. What are the perks of this style, you may ask? Easy: a simple transition from daytime to night. No time to change before Happy Hour? No problem—you can take this style with you to work and out for drinks afterwards without batting an eye. Easy, breezy, beautiful… classic chic.

Color schemes: Navy, blue, rich red, gray, olive green.

Accessories: All outfits to be accented by a small white pup. See left.





2. Playful Pizza(z) (Sarah Parker)

Some people are born to stand out and shine. If you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve (literally), then Sarah Parker’s Playful style and spunk is right up your alley. Pizza, ice cream, tacos, you name it, Sarah Parker’s got a dress decorated with it and more. Rain or shine, Sarah’s zesty outfits are sure to spice up your day and bring a smile to your face.

Color schemes: rainbow, electric, neon, whimsical pink.

Accessories: Hamburger & hotdog earrings, The Simpsons nails, and fish shoes. Yes, fish shoes.


3. I woke up like this (Samara Anderson)

Do you happen to always look cute without even trying? If your hair is perfectly coiffed and your ripped jeans scream edgy cool, then Samara is rocking the style for you. You’re a hard worker, so sometimes heels and a leather jacket don’t quite cut it. But don’t sweat--this look can be easily morphed into a sporty athleisure feel with a pair of leggings and some Vince slip-ons.

Color schemes: Leather-jacket black.

Accessories: Jean jacket, edgy boots, cute scarf.

4. Minimalist with a Twist (Alyssa Kalams)

Picture your perfect day. Are comfy sweaters and high waisted jeans involved? How about solid neutrals? Maybe a cute cup of rp coffee to complete the aesthetic? If all of the above speak to you and your inner fashionista, then you are definitely a minimalist like Alyssa. An effortless mix of simple and stylish, Alyssa’s wardrobe exudes a quiet confidence with a fun flair for detail and adventure.

Color Schemes: Solids & neutrals

Accessories: Handkerchief tied around the neck


5. Brooklyn Blues (Chrimmons)

When asked to describe his style, Chris Ammons had a few words to share: “blue, blue, and blue….with a hint of red.” Well, he isn’t lying. Artfully pairing a variety of blue hues with subtle red accents, Chrimmons’ outfits defy and break misconceptions surrounding the whole jean on jean controversy. Be you. Be blue.

Color schemes: Speaks for itself

Accessories: A variety of vests, jackets, and fake hands required to complete the look.  


6. Preppy Print(ce) (Angel Ayala)

Who said office-wear had to be boring and plain? If you like to bring some zest and class to your everyday outfits, Angel’s classically patterned flannels and button-downs are sure to speak your language. With a bevy of vibrant prints and patterns, Angel brings his upbeat personality front and center no matter the season.

Color schemes: anything colorful & fun. Opposite of boring.

Accessories: Patterns so bold Angel doesn’t need accessories.


7. Executive Casual (Tim McMullen)

Most CEOs roll up to work in strict business formal with full suits freshly pressed and steamed. Disclaimer: Tim is not like most CEOs. I would argue he may be a step ahead of the traditional CEO mold. By pushing individualized fashion forward, Tim is able to spark subsequent creativity in the office and beyond. As the free-dress pioneer of the office, Tim sets the example for all peppers by donning sharp outfits ranging from snappy casual polos to more relaxed Athleisure pieces (quick run, anyone?). With creativity and comfort at the top of mind, Tim is able to jump from client meeting to client meeting with ease, running the company efficiently by day and focusing on health and fitness by night.

Color schemes: Winter blues, grays, blacks

Accessories/key pieces: Converse, post-it notes


8. Loud and Proud (Amy)

Ever wake up in the morning wanting to don a onesie and get on with the day? Yeah? Well sometimes we do too. From Big Bird onesies to dog costumes and everything in between, rp employees are encouraged to do their thing-including outfit experimentation. Every day can be Halloween if you’d like. It’s up to you!

Color schemes: Anything and everything.

Accessories: Fanny packs, trumpets, La Croix.




Now that we’ve introduced you to some of the freshest looks on our side of the Cumberland, feel free to mix and match as you see fit. It’s clear that here at redpepper, we don’t abide by any particular dress code. We let our style express ourselves on our terms. Well, within reason that is....


Overall, the perks of free dress at redpepper are endless. Not only does dressing the way you please boost your creativity by allowing you to express yourself, but it also empowers you to be the real, true YOU at all times. What more could you ask for from an internship?


Allie Love, Operations intern, Dallas, TX



Say Yes to redpepper

Say Yes to redpepper

Graduating from college, entering the “real world,” and moving to a new city all in just two months was a little bit overwhelming, but it was also exciting! There were so many unknowns ahead, questions unanswered, and many adventures awaiting me. My biggest hope was to not settle on just any job or internship, but to really find “my place” even if that meant waiting for the position that was meant for me. I learned the value of waiting and trusting that the position uniquely waiting for me would come up and that is exactly what happened when I got this internship at redpepper and I said yes!

There are so many reasons why my internship at redpepper went above and beyond all the great expectations I already had for it. First, the culture and values are a big part of who redpepper is and why they stood out to me as a great advertising agency before I had even begun my internship. Work hard, stay curious, and keep growing are important to the culture and people. The values and culture give redpepper such a great community of people, who are striving to meet the same expectations, while thoroughly enjoying their time together. My advice is to never be afraid to ask questions, go to the “coffee and questions” to learn about the different departments in the agency, volunteer yourself, and sit in on meetings. Dive into the culture, values, and community because redpepper is the place to be.

It was never hard to spot the interns in the office because most days we would be congregated in one spot enjoying each other’s company while working on our own tasks and projects. There are interns for the many different departments, so we could learn from each other about what was going on in each department. I would say that life at redpepper challenges the mainstream agency, but in all the best ways. We always find time to take breaks to enjoy a game of ping pong, play on the putt-putt course, or take a walk outside to one of the many great places around Germantown. One thing in particular that I loved is that there is ample free reign, you can sit wherever you feel is comfortable for the day, play a quick game, or enjoy freshly brewed coffee. To get to other areas of the office, you have to pass through the main room on the second floor, Wonderland, which allows for collaboration and enjoying time with each other.

There are so many things that make daily life at redpepper unique and great. I took the DiSC assessment on my first day, which is an assessment tool to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication within the agency. It is an assessment that is actually used, talked about, and not forgotten because it is effective for knowing how to work best with each other. Every week is started off with an Alignment meeting, which gets everyone in the same room at the same time to discuss what is currently going on. Each week someone presents a Redbit to start off the meeting, which is a ten-minute presentation on any desired educational topic. We give appreciation shout outs, we learn about exciting things going on in the different departments, and many other things.  The small things in the office make it that much better too such as the daily trumpet playing, music constantly playing in Wonderland, and dogs casually wondering around the office.  

Overall, redpepper is unique and different in so many great ways that made my meticulous internship and job search worth the wait for this great experience. The many components that go into daily life at redpepper make it the best place to work, which brings the most encouraging and hard-working people together in one place. If you love what you do every day, it’s not even “work,” which is what I would say about my internship at redpepper and I couldn’t have asked for a better last three months.


Margot Williams, Space & Events intern, Atlanta, GA



De-stressing at redpepper!

De-stressing at redpepper!

At redpepper the culture drives everything we do. redpepper is founded on the idea that a great culture that supports our people will drive those people to support our clients. At redpepper, we need to be creative and efficient, but sometimes the best way to get your creative juices flowing so that you can do your best work is to take a break!

The space at redpepper supports creativity by creating places to collaborate as well as places to be alone. While redpepper might seem like a space designed solely for out-there thinking and brainstorming, we understand that after discussing ideas with colleagues it is pivotal to have time to yourself to reflect on previous discussions and expand on these ideas. For example, that’s why we have zone time – time in which there are no meetings, no phone calls, no one-on-one’s – it’s time solely devoted to independent working.

As soon as you walk into redpepper, it’s very clear that you’re not in a typical office. If you’re looking for businessmen in suits, hidden away in their cubicles, then you came to the wrong place. At redpepper, there is a strong culture of creativity, and in order to be creative, there are a bunch of resources to help you to de-stress at work! Here are just some of the ways that I have de-stressed during my internship:

1. Ping Pong – When I first walked into the office, the first thing I noticed was a ping pong table, equipped with paddles and a ping pong ball. I had researched redpepper beforehand and knew that they pride themselves on their fun culture, but I wasn’t sure if this ping pong table was just for show, or if people actually used it. I was happy to learn that people do, in fact, use the ping pong table. Usually in the afternoon, once people start getting tired from working on a project all day, some employees will venture downstairs for a quick game of ping pong to boost their energy for the rest of the day!

2. Putting Green – If ping pong isn’t your thing, redpepper has you covered! Upstairs, one of the corners of the office is adjourned with a putting green where you can practice your putting skills, as long as a dog doesn’t block your shot!  

3. Dogs – That’s right, there are dogs!! I was lucky enough to be greeted on my first day by Winnie, an adorable Westie, and was happy to quickly learn that there are always several dogs in the office! If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed with work, just wait a few minutes, and you are guaranteed to be greeted by a four-legged friend in need of a belly rub.


4. Explore Germantown – Did I mention that redpepper is situated in a great section of Nashville. Whenever I’ve been working on a project for a while and want to get some fresh air, I grab another intern and go to one of the many trendy restaurants, all in walking distance from redpepper! There are so many cute places to check out that I discover each time I’m exploring Germantown.


5. Darts – We also have a dart board! If you’ve done everything else on the list and still feel like you need to alleviate some stress from your busy day, take a break and throw some darts at the dart board! And then when you’re done, you can bring some of that focus over to your work!


According to Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist, “The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.” redpepper buys into this theory, and interning at redpepper has showed me firsthand how adding these elements of play to my day help me keep my energy level up and be more creative and productive throughout the workday.


Alyssa Kopf, Production Services intern, New Jersey



How to play your time as an intern like a sweet trumpet solo

How to play your time as an intern like a sweet, sweet trumpet solo over the smooth jazz of the daily grind at redpepper

 (for times when actually playing the trumpet would disturb the peace)

redpepper is an interesting place. In the first few weeks it can feel like it’s hard to find your groove or any sort of routine, but just embrace it. Let the strange rhythms guide you in the everyday jazz of the office. Let them lead you to find your own path of discovery and your own form of success. Soon enough you’ll develop your own solo style that brings something to the redpepper team.

Don't be afraid to improvise, explore and scat at random.
First and foremost, let your creativity shine and have fun with it. One thing you’ll learn fairly early on is that there isn’t really one way of doing anything at redpepper, which leaves you free to make your own rules—whether that is with where you sit, whom you reach out to for potential collaboration, or what hours work for you. Use your time on projects at redpepper to explore related interests and make the most of your internship.


Know when to utilize a mute.
Understand the importance of the little things and places you can help out in the office, even if they aren't fancy tasks. A lightly funky but consistent background jam can make a big difference. In some cases you may feel like you aren't working on anything major, but just remember that everything you help out with can have some kind of impact in the overall workings of the office.


Open the floor to other soloists.
Do your best to support anyone and everyone. Look for opportunities to help out on a wide variety of projects that feature different leaders of the redpepper team to find the best ways to help out, even if that means just helping by taking down notes or pulling together tons of info during tankfilling sessions. This also means being available to help out fellow interns on any given task. 

Generally make noise, put yourself out there and be present.
Get in the mix, let people know what you’re interested in and always put together options for whatever you’re asked to do just to show your versatility and willingness to learn and grow. Even if you’re not involved on a particular project you can still help out by anticipating what might be needed and putting things together. Don’t hesitate to reach out to peppers outside of your mentors that interest you for projects that you could be a part of or even just to observe their process. Along those lines…

Listen carefully and don't get in your own head too much.
You never know what opportunities might pop up if you just happen to be listening at the right moment. Keep an open mind and don’t overlook little details that might resurface as useful in the future. Moreover, if you’re listening and open you’re better able to anticipate needs and fill your time when you haven't necessarily been asked to do anything in particular. This internship is for you and so you have to take the initiative to make the most of it and the most tailored to your interests. 

My time as a Design Services intern has taught me a lot. With just a few weeks left at redpepper, my biggest takeaway is that I’ve learned to get out there and break it down, really go to town and not be afraid of laying down some real clams every once in a while—it’s the best way to develop and happen upon your own opportunities for growth. 


Julia Mahre, Design Services Intern, Hopkinsville, KY



Lights, Camera, Action… A Day on the Cracker Barrel Photoshoot

Lights, Camera, Action… A Day on the Cracker Barrel Photoshoot

When you walk into almost any store, you’ll immediately find posters or pictures showcasing the merchandise they’re selling. Whether it be walking into The Cheesecake Factory and seeing your favorite cheesecake or passing by Nike and seeing the latest workout clothing, it’s all about making your products look attractive. Everybody knows it’s all about the perfect angle and the perfect lighting, and the only way to get these products to look that good is to have a photoshoot.

Some might know Cracker Barrel, a redpepper client, as a restaurant, but there is a retail side that many people forget about. Cracker Barrel sells all kinds of items, such as furniture, home decor, accessories, and much more. Just like any other company, the products that Cracker Barrel sells are constantly changing with the seasons. In just a couple months we are nearing two of the biggest holidays of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. In order to prepare for these major holidays, Cracker Barrel teamed up with redpepper to hold a photoshoot to get that perfect picture for all their new retail items.

Waking up at 7am never felt so good as I was extremely pumped to get to the photoshoot, which had a start time for 8am. I finally arrived at the address and was taken aback when I realized we were at someone’s house… we were going to be taking pictures at a random home. Weird. I quickly realized that Cracker Barrel items are household items, and they wanted to show consumers how they can style their home with Cracker Barrel products. Anyways, getting back to my day. After arriving, the redpepper crew and the photographer’s crew were briefed on all the shots that will be taken on that day, giving everyone a heads up to plan accordingly. For me, this meant making sure I knew where all the products were and ensuring that they would be in the right place at the right time for the shot. This day happened to be the Christmas shot day. When I think of Christmas I think of one big green tree filled with ornaments and presents, but when Cracker Barrel thinks of Christmas, they think FOUR different trees, hundreds of ornaments, presents, lights, room decorations and much more.

Now, one might think, how hard can it be to decorate some Christmas trees and take some pictures? The answer is… VERY HARD! When it was time to decorate the first Christmas tree, out came five boxes of ornaments that all needed to be put on the tree. On top of that, the room needed to be set up with garland along with other items to look Cracker Barrel ready. Each shot took about an hour, sometimes longer, to set up. Once the room was set up, we made sure to get approval from the Cracker Barrel team. After their approval, the real shots of the tree/room came and it was amazing to me how the set up process took over an hour, but the pictures took less than 10 minutes. After the shots, you can only guess what was next. Packing! We had to strip the tree down, put ornaments back in the boxes and get ready for the next shot.

With so many themes needing to be shot, we started to fall behind schedule. There were four different shots for different aspects of Cracker Barrel being shot at the same time, with four more to go. Levi Brandenburg, the Account Executive, juggled to reschedule shots constantly due to time constraints but managed the situation and had us interns setting up in advance, always on our toes, and ready to assist in any area he needed. After a full day, almost 9-10 hours at this person’s house, we finally got all the shots we needed. Most importantly, we got the clients approval on all of them. Just when you thought it was all over, remember, we were in a random person’s house. So, on came the cleaning process as we had to make this house presentable for the family that was coming back to it. After a 30 minute cleaning session, it was finally over. We did it.

Overall, my time at the photoshoot provided me with a variety of emotions, but in the end it was extremely rewarding. There was no better feeling knowing that all the hard work we put into this would soon be showcased at every Cracker Barrel. My miniscule role played such a major part in the process and final product. Can’t wait for the next one!


Karim Pradhan, Accounts Intern



Life as a redpepper Intern: As Told by Leslie Knope

Life as a redpepper Intern: As Told by Leslie Knope

When you walk through the doors on the first day of a new internship, it can be a little daunting. For me, embarking on the redpepper adventure meant moving to a new city where I knew next to no one, working for my first ever agency, and quite frankly, having no idea what to expect. But I remembered that I wouldn’t be given the incredible rp opportunity if I didn’t at least know partially what I was doing, so I gave myself a little pep talk before I walked in the door.


On my first day as a production services intern, I met my mentors Katie B and Sarah P. I didn’t know much about what I wanted to do with my life, let alone anything about project management, but let me tell ya, I was so excited to get to learn from these two. Long story short, they’re amazing. Sarah wears dresses with ice cream cones on them (incredible, I know), has the most iconic cackle you’ve ever heard and can make every stressful meeting seem a bit less hectic. Katie is the glue that keeps everyone in line and can somehow manage 29 projects and 87 Slack message requests simultaneously with ease. (Speaking of Slack, we did an incredible campaign for them full of rainbows and unicorns and all kinds of good stuff. You should check it out here.) In other words, basically from day one I knew I was in good hands.


As an intern, you get out of your experience what you put into it. Which means you’ve gotta be a go-getter and take initiative if you want to maximize your growth. This also means that even though it can be awkward throwing yourself out there, it’s to your benefit to introduce yourself to colleagues in other departments and make friendly connections across the agency. redpepper is unique in the sense that it provides the opportunity for you to access anyone, even the CEO, on a daily basis. Quick tip: go to coffee and questions. Seriously. All of them, if you can. Essentially, coffee and questions is time that redpepper so graciously sets aside for you to sit down and chat one-on-one with people from every different department, learn about what they do, and ask all the crazy questions you want. If you’re anything like me, you’re clueless about what agency positions suit you best, and this helps to provide some insight. And believe me, the people here are so smart and talented at so many things that everyone has something valuable for you to learn. Don’t be afraid to Slack someone a question, ask to sit in on a meeting, a client call or ask to work on part of a new project. The agency is busy, but these people are here to encourage and support your growth--take advantage of them (in a nice way, of course).


In your first couple of weeks as an intern, you’ll witness just how much the culture serves as the engine that powers redpepper. Sure, the space is fun... who wouldn’t love an office with ping pong, a golfing green, its own coffee brand, unlimited amounts of said coffee, a basketball hoop and dogs roaming galore? But culture isn’t just about the space, contrary to what some might think. Culture at redpepper is a unique mixture of tangibles and intangibles that is embodied by each individual from the top down, as well as every piece of work that leaves the office. I can’t really describe to you exactly what the culture is like, you gotta be there, but just know it’s real... and it’s epic. The best part of all is that it’s always evolving, and as an intern you get the opportunity to add a li'l spice of your own to the redpepper culture. Pretty darn cool if I do say so myself.


Perhaps the most exciting (and rewarding) part of being a fall intern is getting the chance to participate in CreateAthon. In a nutshell, CreateAthon is a day each year where redpepper shuts down client work and dedicates 24 sleepless and coffee-ful (yet wonderful) hours to creating free marketing services for nonprofits. If I’m being real, seeing CreateAthon on the rp website was a big reason I applied for this internship in the first place. Over the last couple of months I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in the process of choosing the organizations we work with this year, and hold your britches, kids, because we’ve got some good ones. (Oh, and it’s finally happening next week!) BRING ON CREATEATHON.


Summing up my experience as a redpepper intern is hard for two reasons: one, because it’s not over yet, and two, because it really is that great. What you learn from this place and the incredible humans that make it up are things you can take with you wherever you go. You might think that interning post-grad is weird, unproductive, or maybe even invaluable. But I’m here to tell you that taking a detour with redpepper has been the most worthwhile journey for my future I could’ve imagined, and I’ve still got quite a ways to go.


End note: If this blog doesn’t make you want to work at redpepper, then:


Riley Collins, Production Services Intern, Melbourne Beach, FL



The Dog Days Aren’t Over

The Dog Days Aren’t Over

During my first day at redpepper, I was greeted by tons of lovely coworkers. Some of them happened to have four legs, floppy ears, and constantly-wagging tails.

A few of the “regulars” at redpepper: Winnie, Max, and Sawyer.
Shout out to one of our wonderful Design Services interns, Erqing, for making them especially stylish.

Across the nation, more and more workplaces are opening their doors to their employees’ furry friends. Dogs have the power to make humans healthier and happier - and that’s true inside of the office too. Here’s a few ways the dogs at redpepper, and at any workplace, can make the work day that much more enjoyable.

1. They are the ideal coworkers.
They have some serious people skills - they’re friends with everyone in the office. They’re never the source of office gossip. They get their work done, but know when to have fun too. They’re don’t even need a cup of coffee to get them out of that morning funk. Everyday, I’m inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of the dogs at redpepper.


2. They decrease stress.
Dogs make people less stressed out. How do I know this? SCIENCE. Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University compared employees with pups at the office to employees without pups at the office. The study found that employees who brought their dogs to work reported the lowest stress levels. So, basically, dogs should be at work be at work because science says so.


3. They act as tiny vacuum cleaners.
While some may think that dogs could make a workplace messier, I’d argue the opposite. Drop a crumb of your delicious, healthy lunch on the floor? Have no fear, a dog will be there in no time to make sure the redpepper floors are spotless.


4. They increase cooperation between coworkers.
Who wouldn’t want to work with someone who comes with a furry plus-one? Dogs in the office connect everyone together. Workplaces with dogs tend to see more team cohesion and trust between coworkers.


5. They encourage you to get up from your desk and get active.
With dogs in the office, people are way more likely to venture outside during the workday. At redpepper, coworkers can always bond over a walk with a dog around Germantown or a puppy playtime break on the putting green.


My days at redpepper don’t feel complete without seeing some of my coworkers’ pups wandering around the office. But in all honesty, the dogs at redpepper are just a small part of what makes interning her exceptionally wonderful. While the dog-friendly workplace is definitely a selling point for interning at redpepper, the real action is in between the puppy playtime breaks, when you can see the cast of amazingly hard-working redpeppers creating and innovating every single day.

Katherine McGee, rp Marketing Intern, Weston, FL



Why You Should Intern at redpepper the Semester You Graduate

Why You Should Intern at redpepper the Semester You Graduate

Interning is hard. It’s something I wasn’t warned about before college. I knew I had to take classes, and I knew getting into a club would benefit me, but not one of my high school teachers told me it would be a good idea to get real world work experience…weird.

Now before I go into more detail, this isn’t going to be some sappy post about how much interning has changed my life, this is very much a panic-driven sentiment about how the people and environment of redpepper made my stress riddled last semester enjoyable.

A little backstory…I interned at three different places before I achieved my ultimate goal of redpepper. I started off interning for a company that was all online, and there were only two employees, so there wasn’t much of a support system or collaboration that happened. Then I took my talents to the music industry. Apparently small companies were drawn to hire me, because my next two internships were small companies where they had one person departments. And I’m getting my business degree, so it was hard to go to my internship for eight hours, three days a week, and not really get the interaction that I craved. Nonetheless, I picked up valuable marketing, social media, and general office skills that gave me the clout to be able to apply at redpepper, where I accepted a role as rp marketing intern. This is a cool position, because we are working on branding and marketing redpepper as a company to potential clients.

Another thing I was told about college is that your last semester at college would be easy. I was pretty busy throughout my semesters at Belmont, as their business program is pretty demanding, but the thing that got me through it was knowing my last semester would be easy. Maybe I could just take Clay 1 and skate by class-wise my last semester and devote all my time to my internship. Nope. I am currently in the thick of the busiest semester of my life. I am not a fan of group projects and I am currently juggling four, along with tests and papers, so I am basically living in a perpetual state of stress.

That being said, redpepper is my saving grace. I have never interned somewhere where the people cared so much about making sure you have a good experience. They care so much about making sure not only that you’re getting a great experience but also that you have the time and the mental capability to graduate. We are more than just the “fall interns,” we are people and we are friends who care about each other.

The fact that redpepper has an open dog policy really helps my stress levels as well. There are five dogs here on any given day which only contributes to the unique culture that redpepper has.  If I need a break from work or an escape from projects, I can play with the dogs, play ping pong, or practice my putting on the golf green. It’s a great environment which I think fosters better work because the work turns into something you want to do, not something that is shoved down your throat.

Finally, redpepper is in what has become my favorite area in Nashville: Germantown. Germantown has this really cool vibe that transports you from the south into a New England style red brick road. Red Bicycle is my go-to coffee place (their macaroon latte is to die for), and they have a sandwich that is literally just egg, bacon, cheese, and hashbrowns…what else would a stressed-out college student want? Right next door, there’s a cute little restaurant called Lulu’s (which I struggled to read because of the unique font) which is perfect for those days when you just need to cry into baked goods and their double chocolate chip gluten free cookie is the best thing for that.

College is hard. Interning is hard. Working is hard. But if you can find the right place that makes interning enjoyable, jump on it, and that place for me is redpepper. In a last semester that is filled with work, where the motto which I find myself saying at least once a day is “I’m just trying to graduate,” you need to surround yourself with supportive people, supportive dogs, and comfort food. Thanks to redpepper, for at least two days a week, I don’t feel like a struggling college student, I feel like a working girl with the best colleagues in the world.


Nikki Blais, rp Marketing Intern, Boston, MA



What Makes the Video Internship Unforgettable

What Makes the Video Internship Unforgettable

Several months ago I was scouring the internet in search of a place in which to grow my skills in marketing and videography. I perused site after site looking for a place that would be an ideal fit, until I finally came upon redpepper. I applied and was hired on as a summer intern in the video department. I came in my first day nervous and energized thinking about what this position would have for me. These are the most valuable take-aways as a redpepper video intern.

Creative Expression
At redpepper we value everyone’s unique creativity. The video internship allowed me to imagine and create to my heart's content. During video shoots I was encouraged to try new angles and challenged to see things from different perspectives to tell unique stories. My mentor gave me the freedom to explore new ideas and the independence to execute projects on my own if I wanted. This internship is the perfect dose of free expression and creative guidance.


I was able to collaborate with my fellow interns to create media content for the intern website. We sat down and came up with a number of ideas for photos and videos we could create. We then executed our ideas and had a blast doing it. Working together allowed us to bring different people’s ideas together and create something entirely new.


Each day as a video intern is like a box of chocolates, you never know whatcha gonna get. This position requires a lot of adaptability and is never boring. On any given day you might be editing, recording video, setting up equipment, taking photos or storyboarding an upcoming video. Depending on your interests you can also involve yourselves in the whatever project or department you are interested in. You get the opportunity to wear a lot of hats and become a pro in a variety of areas.


Big Al’s
During my first couple weeks the video team took me out to breakfast at a diner in Germantown called Big Al’s. It is an amazing hole in the wall restaurant that really wakes you up in the morning. It was here that I had great conversations with my mentors about my career goals and initiatives I could take to improve my skills in videography while at redpepper. This place opened my eyes to how much effort redpepper puts into making your intern experience valuable and enjoyable.


Rock Climbing
redpepper is a relational company and the employees are eager to make friends and interact with the interns. It’s employees are also very health conscious and stay active. Combining these two passions the video team took time to go rock climbing together. We worked out our muscles and racing up different routes and belaying each other. This internship allowed me to make great connections and new friendships.

As a redpepper video intern you have the opportunity to make new friends, hone your videography skills, and participate in work for large clientele. The experiences are unforgettable, the work is engaging and the people are inspiring. Take the leap to be a redpepper intern, you will never regret it.


Craig Thompson, Video intern, Carmel, IN



Do You Know You?

Do You Know You?
How to find your purpose in life and the resources to do so

That line might be weird for you. Your purpose. Those are pretty heavy words.

My name is Meredith, I’m a recent college graduate. That’s probably the scariest sentence to write... A GRADUATE- meaning big girl world is here, I’m in it. No going back now. After graduating I decided to move to a new city where I knew no one and started an internship at redpepper.

While being at redpepper I’ve realized a few things:

  1. Although I graduated with a degree and have had previous internships I really don’t know what I want to do with my life.

  2. I’ve learned that the thing I mentioned above is okay. Most people don’t know.

  3. I’ve learned that passion trumps most things. The more you care, the harder you work.

  4. I need to get my life together.

Everyone at redpepper loves what they do. I’m constantly surrounded by intelligent, driven, passionate people.  Most of them have passions outside of work that give insight to who they are as a person beyond their job titles. Although my goals were a bit unconventional I wanted to do more at redpepper than add something to my resume. I wanted to grow as a person. One of their main values is that they actively support personal growth- so I decided to do just that.

So what does any like-minded individual do when they are looking for ways to grow as a person?

They turn to Youtube for answers. Yeah, you read that right. Youtube.

Here are some videos I found that I’ve decided to watch religiously. They’ve given me insights to people’s passions, ideas, worries and a lot of things in between. I’m not saying that these videos are going to solve my problems, or yours for that matter, but they’ve helped me find some purpose. I’m growing people, it’s scary but exciting and I encourage you to do the same.

DO WHAT YOU CAN’T- Casey Neistat
This is Casey Neistat- well this is one of his videos. You may have heard of him. He’s very popular on YouTube. He makes daily videos about his life, to inspire others. He motivates me to do more, be better, work harder. I watch his videos pretty much every day, after, I reflect on what I’m doing with my life and where I can improve. I’M TRYING TO GROW HERE PEOPLE!

Ted Talk- Adam Driver
This is Adam Driver. If you’ve ever seen the show Girls, then you’d recognize him. He’s a very talented actor. He also was a Marine. This video is about is transition from Marine to actor and all of the revelations he made in between. When I watch this video is makes me think of all the paths and directions we can take in life. In the end, what’s meant to be happens anyways. So for the time being, I’m just going to live the best I can.

The Last Lecture- Randy Pausch
This is Randy Pausch. I won’t ruin what exactly this last lecture is about but it will impact your life. And don’t roll your eyes that it’s almost two hours long, we both know you’ve spent many days binge watching shows on Netflix, c’mon. There is also a book based off of this lecture, if you’re more of a reader- go for it. I don’t like to make promises when pinkys aren’t involved but I promise this is important.

Make It Count- Casey Neistat
Casey Neistat here again. He’s one of my most favorite humans. I’m biased but you’ve read this far so something has sparked your interest. Following through is one of the most important things you can do. When you say you’re going to do something and you do it. It’s also one of the things I’m not the greatest at. I fear commitment on any spectrum. Casey Neistat helps me with that, maybe he can help you too.

So what can you gain from this? I think that all depends on the person you are. We form into the humans we are by the experiences we have. You may watch these videos and they may impact you to be better and do better. They may not. Either way it is your choice. If I can tell you a few things- take every second of every day for what it is, enjoy life, learn as much as you can, HUSTLE & GROW. This powerful impactful moment has been brought to you by Meredith Queen, you’re welcome.


Meredith Queen, Event Sales & Management intern, Lexington, KY



5 Things I wish I knew before starting at redpepper

5 Things I wish I knew before starting at redpepper

Before starting here at redpepper there are some things I wish I had known. I’ve created a list of things to help you make your first week one you won’t forget. Read other blog posts as well and learn as much as you can.

1. Dress casual, comfortable, but still professional
On your first day, you’ll want to dress to impress. However, you’ll soon discover that the dress code at redpepper doesn’t exist. If you ride a bike to work and have to wear athletic gear every day, no one cares. redpepper is far from corporate—so you can leave your suit and tie in the closet for the semester.

2. Coffee & Questions - go to every one. View them as great opportunities to learn and ask questions about other departments
You’ll be interning in one of redpepper’s many departments, but you may find that you have questions about some of the others. As part of the intern program, redpepper has set up blocks of time for each of the department heads to come and speak with all of the interns and answer any questions that the interns may have about what they do. It’s a great way to meet people who are excellent at their jobs, learn more about how an agency operates, and maybe you will learn that you are interested in a department you never thought you would be. Go to every one. View them as great opportunities to learn and ask questions. Before you go, set aside time to write down some questions you might have! They love curiosity and talking about what they love about their jobs. It also keeps you engaged and helps you learn.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
The first couple of days you might feel a little awkward or out of place. It’s a new environment with new people, and they’re all amazing. Once you get past the awkward stage, open yourself up and ask questions! Everyone here was where you are at one point and they want to see you grow.

4. Go to as many meetings as possible - rp is all about growth. Learning everything you can is key to growth
rp is very transparent with everything they do. Ask your manager if you can sit on a meeting or on a call; they’ll usually say yes. The benefit to going to meetings is getting to watch people who are excellent at their jobs do excellent work. redpepper is a very successful agency because of the smart, successful people who run it. You’re only here for a short time and it goes fast, so make the most of it.

5. You’ll want to try and bring your lunch everyday but you’ll probably end up just going out with fellow interns.
It’s not easy waking up a little earlier to make yourself lunch. At the beginning of the semester, you’ll probably do it and feel stoked about it. But as soon as one of the other interns at work mentions one of the many delicious restaurants around redpepper, your homemade lunch in the fridge sounds much less appetizing. Before you know it, you’ll be sitting at Five Points Pizza with the other interns, your lunch at redpepper completely forgotten. If you can manage to fight the temptation to go to Little Donkey, Lulu, Juice Bar or the Farmer’s Market, bringing your lunch is a great idea. If not, welcome to the club.

During my time at redpepper I have met incredible people and learned from best in the business. I’ve learned to ask purposeful questions, actively seek growth, and embrace learning. Being in Nashville with great people and a phenomenal internship has made up one amazing summer.

AJ Cooper, rp Marketing intern, Tampa, FL



CALM DOWN: You're More Prepared Than You Think

CALM DOWN: You’re more prepared than you think
Tips and tricks for nailing the first week.

As the hunt for an internship begins, you may find yourself asking a great deal of questions about how to best prepare. Little do you know, you’re more prepared than you thought. How, you might ask? Well, take a look back on your time in college. Whether you’ve been in school for 6 months or 4 years, you’ve picked up on a variety of skills and lessons that run parallel with what you need in order to succeed at redpepper. Beginning with your first steps on campus to your last few exams of the semester, each day counts. Each day brings different interactions, all of which contribute to your ability to succeed not only on campus, but in the workplace as well.

1. College orientation / first day at redpepper:
We can all remember that overwhelming feeling after stepping onto campus the first time. You’re hit with that “here we go” moment as you take your first tour around. As you become aware of your surroundings and take in your home for the next few years, you begin thinking about all of the things you will try to accomplish as you begin to experience your first time as an independent teenager.

That same feeling presents itself when you take your first steps through the double doors of redpepper. As you look around and take in all of your surroundings, it’s hard not to feel a sense of accomplishment. You did it, you went through the application process, and were chosen to be one of the valuable interns added to the redpepper team. Plus, who doesn’t love playing ping pong and darts during your lunch break?

2. Schedule building / redpepper Calendar integrating
After arriving to school, you’re given the exciting task of building your first ever class
schedule. This is typically the first time you’ve done anything remotely organized since the last school year, so of course it can take some time. Creating your schedule to fit your personal needs, whether you’re a morning person or someone who can’t seem to get up before 11 am, is always a vital part of your collegiate success.

The same can be said about getting set up with your brand new redpepper calendar. Client meetings, weekly 1 on 1’s with your mentor, and a variety of other things makeup your weekly schedule. Your calendar is something that you rely on each day as you take on your role as an intern. Some may even call it a lifeline, as it keeps you on track and helps manage your time while you’re here. Always be sure to treat your calendar like your class schedule: Be on time. Attend every meeting. Take good notes.

3. First week of class jitters / First week of the internship jitters
As you woke up for the first day of classes, you probably couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. Although this feeling most likely doesn’t last all year long, there’s just something special about getting new professors and meeting new classmates. This is the week that you get to start anew, feeling out how the rest of your semester might play out, so it’s important to take extra time to capture all of your surroundings. Each day this week will present a new challenge, whether it’s adjusting to a new teaching style or even finding the right place to sit in class, so overcoming these obstacles are nothing short of important.

The same feelings will emerge on the first day of your internship. Shortly, you will be entering redpepper is a new intern, with nothing but weeks of learning and opportunities ahead. The exposure to new experiences is endless, and during the first week you will understand how important it is to stay active, meet your fellow interns/mentors, and watch how the redpepper employees operate on a daily basis. The first week is your baseline for the rest of the internship, so the way you present yourself and pay attention to the little details, such as getting to meetings on time and keeping your workspace clean, are essential.

4. Building relationships with students and professors / Building relationships with fellow interns and mentors
Throughout your collegiate experience, you probably built many relationships. These relationships laid the platform down for the rest of your time at school, and will even carry over into the rest of your life beyond your university. Time and time again, you have relied on a friend or two to help you catch up on an assignment, study for an exam or give you a ride to class. The truth is, without having those people around you, college would be a lot more difficult, which is why maintaining those relationships can help you further down the road.

At redpepper, you are constantly surrounded by a whole slew of intelligent people. From creative minds to the tech-geniuses, there is no short of talented and charismatic interns and employees. This is another reason why building those relationships among your fellow coworkers is so important, because one day you could be in need of a job, a mentor, or just someone to talk to, and having so many caring people here makes that much more compelling. No one knows what the future holds, which is a perfect reason to constantly meet new people. You just never know when your paths may cross again.

5. The fun stuff
Everyone knows that college is filled with exciting things to do, whether you participate in intramurals, clubs and organizations, greek life, etc. There is always something to do when you’re wanting to get out of your room for the day/night. In school, socializing becomes a daily thing, whether you like it or not. These interactions can fuel your desire to meet up with friends for a drink, go catch a movie or do the other 1,000+ things that college students have the opportunity to do. This is what makes college so great. You have the freedom to participate in activities while meeting new people and having a blast.

At redpepper, you will find that there is no shortage of things to do in and outside of the office. As a former member of the sand volleyball team, (and yes, redpepper has two sand volleyball teams that play in the Nashville competitive co-ed league) my eyes were opened to how fun and competitive fellow redpepper employees can be. And this was just the start. There are bowling tournaments, happy hours, canoeing trips and more. And if none of that sounds like something you’d be interested in, there’s a pretty impressive book club as well.

The moral of the story here is that at redpepper, you get to be yourself. The excitement and anxiety you’re feeling as you begin to take that next step in your life while applying for internships is something that we’ve all been through, so don’t you worry. The 5 topics I’ve discussed above are just the beginning. You are more prepared than you think, and if you have the confidence and determination to make your internship dreams a reality, you’ll do just fine.


Avery Jankowski, Client Services intern, Nashville, TN



You Can Sit With Us

You Can Sit With Us

Many of us can probably identify with the memory of our first day in a new school or the start of a school year. The awkward struggle of where to sit at lunch, or better yet, who to sit at lunch with.

You scan the room and take notice of the jocks, the dweebs, the band geeks, the artsy kids, the list could go on and on. All have their “clique,” their niche, their passion. Each posse clings to one another making it clear where boundaries lie. Interactions are often rare, few, and far between.

However, unlike the eventful recollections of high school lunch breaks, redpepper doesn’t view these different groups as boundaries that divide us. Instead, the stark contrasts amongst peers showcase the different gifts that each group holds. redpepper believes that everyone is uniquely creative. Each person offering the innate ability to be creative within our own niches + passions, providing other groups a different set of lenses that they may need.

As an intern to the agency’s producer, I had the wonderful opportunity of working hands-on with multiple clients and their production needs. My role varied and evolved throughout summer, from assistant prop styling on shoots to working with nitty gritty budgets to revamping the agency freelancer bank. However, some of my favorite memories at rp involve working alongside the Cracker Barrel client team. Allow me the opportunity to introduce them to you.

Meet our Cracker Barrel table:

 Chris K, The Creative Director

Chris K, The Creative Director

 Lauren, The Account Director

Lauren, The Account Director

 Levi, The Account Executive

Levi, The Account Executive

 Sarah, The Project Manager

Sarah, The Project Manager

 Chris A, The Art Director

Chris A, The Art Director

 Matt, The Producer

Matt, The Producer

 Ily, The Designer

Ily, The Designer

 Lindsay, The Copywriter

Lindsay, The Copywriter

Over the course of the summer, each person on the team has not only impacted the way I view professional teamwork, but has also influenced me as a future communicator. As Creative Director, Chris K carries the torch in creative leadership and embodies the “If you lead, your team will follow” example. Lauren and Levi always strive to present our best work to the client, even if it means more hours at the office. Sarah is truly our “mom” of the group that is able to balance hustle and attentiveness to the team in the most caring way. Chris A’s ability to extract creativity from any crevice, Ily’s talent to bring ideas visually to life, and Lindsey’s mastery at illustrating ideas through words -- all rises to meet any challenge presented by the client. And lastly Matt, my mentor, has the ability to see every project from a global angle, while truly caring about every element of the process.

Our Cracker Barrel team is quite diverse, and I don’t just mean in the range of hair color (*since these headshots were taken, orange, pink and purple hair have also made their debut). Our age, our experiences, our roles, our humor, our knowledge and our approach is completely different. The only thing that actually bridges us is the fact that we are different creatively. From dailies to internal reviews, to pre-production meetings and being on set, each person performs and ideates with a set of skills that is unique to them.

It is because of our differences that our work is so unique. It is a direct reflection of the ideas spilled onto pages, a mirror of the time in collaborative sessions and an interwoven quilt of creativity. Titles do not draw us into boxes, instead fuel us to find others different than ourselves. Everyone contributes to further and better the work.

For the future intern, you can look forward to sitting at the Cracker Barrel table (or any other team table for that matter) with the expectation that you have been invited and accepted to eat alongside a unique set of individuals that want to see you grow in your own creative skillset. This is more than a workplace, but a diverse family that is not only looking to complete the task at hand, but one that spurs each other on no matter how different they are.

So, let’s meet back in the lunchroom. If we all sat at separate tables, siloed to people just like ourselves - designers with designers, copywriters with copywriters, executives with executives- our work as an agency wouldn’t dare contain as much richness, depth, or approachability. We wouldn’t be effective as an agency if we continued to compartmentalize our talents like high schoolers at their appropriate lunch tables. At the redpepper table, unique creativity makes our agency that much stronger.

Point made: At redpepper, regardless of your role, title or permanence (talking about you, interns ☺), you are uniquely creative. So no matter what group you belong to, grab a chair. You CAN sit with us.


Nikki Acosta, Production Services intern, Charlotte, NC



F I V E Lessons I Learned from the rp Marketing Team

F I V E Lessons I Learned from the rp Marketing Team

On my very first day at redpepper I, like all interns, was introduced to my mentors: Samara Anderson, Elizabeth Moore, and Alyssa Kalams, formally referred to as the redpepper marketing department. I would compare this trio's level of greatness to something so great only Destiny's Child themselves could surpass it. As a marketing intern, my job is centered around bringing in new clients. Everyday looks a little different than the last -- between researching, client meetings, blog posts, intern projects, and the occasional canoe trip, things stay busy. Mentors are the friendly face standing behind you in line for the free food, but they also serve as the guiding force behind everything you do during your intern experience. Unlike most internships, at redpepper, your mentor is freely accessible and ready to hear every opinion, question, and concern.  A little bit of background information to catch you up-to-date:


Samara Anderson
Samara serves as the director of marketing. She brings in the cash and the clients with pristine luscious locks, quick wit, and a workout schedule that easily rivals Jillian Michaels’s. Leave her in a room with a client for 30 minutes and I promise you they will walk away with a signed contract.





Elizabeth Moore
Elizabeth handles all digital marketing for redpepper, to say she stays busy would be an understatement.  She is a master of all things automated and Hubspot and a firm believer that cats will always trump dogs. The only thing this girl is more passionate about than her job is a good True Crime podcast (the more disturbing the better).





Alyssa Kalams
If you ever want to see what a fashionable millennial should dress like, I would gladly refer you to Alyssa, the rp sales coordinator. She may or may not have worn jeans for a week that bruised her skin because #fashion. The only thing more on point than her pants is her schedule. Alyssa knows how to get things done, often times before anyone else realizes they need to be done.




These women have offered me such different and unique perspectives of the marketing world. With only a week left in my internship, I feel it’s important to look back and reflect on my time at redpepper, and find some pink gold (redpepper talk for “Hey, this is what I learned!!”)

1. It’s not personal, so don’t take it like it is
All three of my mentors are very engaging people with very dominant personalities. There is a 10/10 chance that I screwed up numerous tasks this summer. There is also a 10/10 chance that I was called out each time. It wasn’t personal, it never is. So don’t act like it’s the end of the world or it’s all your fault. You live. You learn. You move on. Do things in this order and everyone walks away with friendships still intact at the end of the day.

2. If you want it, go for it!
So much of redpepper’s success can be attributed to the marketing department’s willingness to go for it. Don’t let anything stand in your way. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people you don’t know, form connections, take risks, and be bold. During my first week, I remember asking Alyssa, “What is one thing you wish you had known before you were an intern?” She thought about it for a second and said, “I wish I would have realized that there are so many connections to be made. I remember Samara telling me on my first day that everyone here knows someone. That’s so true!” Expand your network and don’t be shy!

3. Knowledge is power
There is always so much to be learned. I work with three of the most successful women in the marketing industry (maybe a biased opinion, but you get the picture). All three of my mentors have a hunger and thirst for learning -- Elizabeth spends half of her days researching new digital marketing strategies. No matter how successful you are there is always room for growth. Dig into news articles, websites, white pages, research case studies, and whatever else you can get your hands on. Read, read, and read some more. When you think you’ve read enough, keep reading.

4. Become an active participant
Don’t just sit there! Speak your mind and raise your voice. If you don’t have anything to say, take notes! Absorb as much information as you can so you can form an opinion. Not sure what in the world is going on? Ask questions until you do. Whatever you do, please don’t just sit there, and if you are going to just sit there and completely disregard my advice, don’t let Samara see you. This goes hand and hand with the whole, “Knowledge is Power,” concept. When you ask questions, take notes, and listen carefully, you’re expanding your understanding of the world around you. As you expand your understanding it’s important you recognize that there is value in others’ opinions as well, be willing to compromise and be willing to see both sides of a topic.

5. You're never fully dressed without a great pair of shoes
My first day at redpepper I walked into the New Biz meeting room and sat next to Samara. As I looked around the table I noticed a common denominator -- GREAT SHOES! I looked at Samara and said something that a true suck-up might say like "Oh my gosh, your shoes are so great! I love them!!" Being the sassy human she is, she flashed a smile, winked, and retorted with something to the effect of, "Well now you know the secret, you know how to get to the top!"

Obviously in my time at redpepper I've learned that a lot of factors go into success, a lot of factors that take a lot of time and commitment, but if you want to look great while becoming successful, don't forget a fabulous pair of shoes.


Margaret Frank, rp Marketing intern, Nashville, TN