For the past month, anyone entering the redpepper office or wandering downstairs will have noticed a group of six to eight, sometimes even ten, sitting around a long rectangular table. Rolling around in their chairs they talk amongst each other, often peeking over each other's computer screens to see what the other is working on or jumping up to climb the staircase upstairs. Please to meet you! We are the interns.

My name is Sarah and I am part of this motley crew! I am currently a New Biz intern and frequent member of the intern table. In the month that I have been at redpepper, getting to know this group has truly become my favorite part of the experience. redpepper is a culture-first company and from the minute I arrived it was apparent that co-workers treated each other like family, a concept that quickly carried over to our mini band of interns. Mirroring the close relationships we saw around us, we got to know one another personally and professionally, becoming fast friends and "co-interns."


I didn't think my internship experience would be like this, with the many distinct departments in redpepper, I thought internship collaboration would not be possible. But from the minute we arrived we were a team! We had projects to collaborate on, tasks to complete together and autonomy to work with one another when possible.


I don't remember whose idea it was to sit at our intern table... you would think we were told or assigned to sit there, similar to an average internship where interns are given cubicles or workstations at other agencies. But this was completely voluntary. I value the time at our home-base table in between meetings because it not only allows me to see how my work in New Biz is developing, but how the other interns are developing in their work as well. We can talk and grow together, all working on similar projects that, through the departments, correspond and intertwine. I like being able to ask questions to the interns sitting across and beside me about what they are working on because it allows me to see their personal skill, in turn motivating me to showcase mine and do my best as well. What better team atmosphere could you ask for?!


An example of this is seeing strategy put into action. Most of my work here with New Biz has consisted of looking mostly at previous work and outside data to build concepts to fuel the first steps of the creative process for clients. After pulling this information together, we pass it onto Strategy, who further shapes the project. By talking with some of the Studio Group and Accounts interns, I have been able to follow up on a few of these projects, understanding which information was used, what steps have been taken in the project and, in some cases, some of the creative avenues have been selected from our previously compiled information.


Most importantly, we each have valuable skills that we bring to our "intern table," all of which were showcased in collaborating for the first piece of our intern photo. The cover photo for the redpepperinterns homepage was thought-up and created by our team of interns! We strategized the concept, voted as a team, and collaborated to snap the shot, finalizing it through editing. It was cool to see the process from start to finish, allowing each of us to work together and pull from our strengths. As a group we worked fluidly and thought critically because we had so many areas of specialization. We could optimize our strategizing because we had the Production Interns giving us feedback on what would be possible, timely and practical. Additionally, it allowed us to mix up our roles as well. Us in New Biz and Accounts could take on more creative tasks, such as designing and visually concepting the photo.

Thank you, redpepper, for introducing me to an amazing group of individuals and allowing me the opportunity to be a part of your team of interns! I've truly enjoyed the experience of not only getting to know them as people and be around them on a daily basis, but seeing what they bring to our large rectangular table.

Go team, keep hustlin and growin’! LONG LIVE THE TABLE!

Sarah Wilcox, New Business Intern, Alexandria, VA 

Sarah Wilcox, New Business Intern, Alexandria, VA