My name is Jenna and I am working in the Studio Group department at redpepper and finishing my Senior year at Vanderbilt University. Studio group manages traffic, projects, and production. However, my experience for the past month and a half includes so much more than that. Now that I am at the halfway point of my internship with redpepper I want to share my expectations prior to the internship with you, and what in reality I am experiencing! 

First, I thought I was only going to working with my supervisor, Chrissy. Additionally, I believed I was just going to be filing and scanning (typical intern duties) before I gained her trust. However, I was wrong! I mentioned to her that I was very interested in fitness and nutrition and immediately she ensured that I was involved in projects that were related to one of our clients, Healthier Tennessee (HTN). In the first few days it was evident how much redpepper cares about their interns and their integration period. Not only have I helped with work for HTN, I have collaborated with interns on various projects, have helped with tasks like creating Keynote presentations and operating Mavenlink, and have observed meetings for numerous other clients! In addition to ensuring that interns are included in client work, redpepper employees make certain that interns feel involved in redpepper events like trivia, special speakers, and happy hours. It is clear that redpepper really wants each intern to learn about the company and also to meet each employee! 

Another aspect of my internship experience, which I didn’t know about prior to starting in August, is the culture here. I love how redpepper plays music while working, brings their adorable dogs to work, plays Ping-Pong as a work break, and cooks healthy snacks every afternoon in the café! In addition to intern integration, these aspects make redpepper such a unique and happy place to work. 

Although I’ve only been here for a month and a half so far, I truly am thankful for the experience redpepper has given me and am excited for what more I can learn. redpepper really wants to make sure that each employee and intern has the tools to #hustle and #grow. 

Jenna Rimland, Studio Group Intern, West Orange, New Jersey