Here’s the deal:

I was asked to write an article about my internship at redpepper. The thing is, though, that my internship started a week ago. 

So what could I possibly be writing about? Not enough can happen in a week! All I can write about is the free lunch we got on Wednesday AND Thursday, or that basically every woman working here is gorgeous. There’s also good coffee (well, that depends on who’s making it).

Well to my surprise, and now yours, so much has happened.

More than enough for me to write this blog post.

Now before we get into this, there are 2 things you need to know.

The first one is that I am interning in Video. Because I am a Videographer. Therefore, I wouldn’t be of much use in Accounting. So Video it is.

The second one is that English is not my first language. I apologize for any grammar mistakes you might find in here (one way to go through it is to read the following text with a French accent: apparently it becomes a whole lot cuter).

Oh boy. Here we go.

Right on the first day, I get thrown into this big project for an insurance company. We discussed ideas for a kick-ass video: and we were getting it. It was the perfect videographer afternoon: in front of a large white wall, writing shitty ideas (am I allowed to write bad words in this article? Oh well) that were leading us to great ideas, and lots of coffee.

The next morning, the project got postponed. That’s a tiny detail though. The week was just starting.

I worked a lot on After Effect, a program that I know a little bit about, but not enough about. This day consisted of designing a new intro for the redpepper videos. My mentor (let’s just call him Carl) taught me a great deal about it, making me start over and over again. He kept me from getting lunch as long as I didn’t get it right. I didn’t eat at all that day, but the hunger and exhaustion forced me to surpass myself.

That last part is not totally true, but I did learn a lot.

Another awesome part of my week happened on Thursday afternoon. Carl (the mentor dude) came to see me in my office (it’s not really an office, more like a cubicle. It’s not really mine either. But hey: let a man dream) and basically told me that we had 24 hours to make a video.

A video that was going to be an introduction for a pitch.

A pitch that was going to be made to a multi-million dollar company.

Say whaaat, right?

And the beautiful rush started (it’s only beautiful if you love your job – luckily I do). We met, figured out a shot list, shot the shot list, even shot some shots that were not in the shot list (stay with me here). The editing started, and I stayed in my “office” late to get it all done (Mentor Carl even brought me a beer, to help me stay focused).

The next day was just crazy all over the place. The pitch was at 2:30PM, so from morning until then, it was rush time. I kept on editing the video, shot 2 others, edited those as well (yes sir, in the same morning, and also I was a tiny bit hungover). And then 2:30PM happened. Complete silence. We had a shot (the drinking kind, not the camera kind) to celebrate, and the week was over.

So how is my internship at redpepper so far?

After only a week?


Pretty awesome.


Robin Summer, Video Intern
Montréal, QC