As of now, I've been interning at redpepper for two weeks. One week was spent on vacation, so I started one week, left the next, and now I’m jumping back into what I started. The first week, I felt like my head was spinning with a lot of information, but it was a good kind of spinning. I was excited to start something new and real at redpepper and I still have that excitement two weeks later.

I came aboard during a fun week. Many peppers were spending a lot of time and energy on a huge pitch,  for redpepper. It was fun to observe everyone’s hard work and dedication. At the end of all the craziness, everyone was really proud of the work they had done and maintained a positive attitude.

Other than getting to observe creative brainstorming sessions and other meetings, most of my time has been spent doing research, or tankfilling. My supervisor, Jen, has allowed me to help out with the Healthier Tennessee account, so my tankfilling has all been related to Healthier Tennessee. I’ve been researching topics like other states’ plans for encouraging healthier communities, what the role of a product manager is in terms of mobile applications, and other topics relevant to Healthier Tennessee and their Streaks app.

One thing I’ve really enjoyed about my experience so far is the culture here at redpepper. Culture is clearly very important to redpepper as well as fostering a comfortable work environment for everyone to be in. One thing the redpepper team has been doing to inspire growth is a 30 Day Challenge on Instagram, where you choose something unique to do every day for 30 days (or some people are doing 100 days). I have jumped on board with that challenge and I’m drawing a sketch every day for 30 days. It’s been both challenging and fun!

Although I’ve only been a part of redpepper for two weeks, I am really enjoying my time here and I feel like I’m learning a lot. I can tell there is still so much more growth for me to do, but I’m excited for every step in the growing process!


David Frost, Account Intern
Nashville, TN