With the reputation of being one of the best agencies in Nashville, I chose redpepper as my internship for this summer. One of the things that most attracted me to this internship was the sense of community. That factor alone made redpepper unique among other options.  Additionally, the variety of internships available at redpepper was especially attractive. As an Integrated Strategic Communication major with a concentration in Account Management I was excited that this internship was specifically geared towards accounts. My time here has provided valuable exposure to life in an agency environment while working with an outstanding group of interns.  As an account manager, having a great community to work in is especially valuable because the role of an account manager involves working with a wide range of departments.

The internship program at redpepper is focused on providing as much exposure as possible to various aspects of the agency in a short period of time. One thing I have enjoyed the most throughout my internship is the coffee talks with each department. These helped me learn about a broader scope of different departments inside the agency. The talent level of the employees at redpepper is phenomenal—everyone I’ve met has so many skills.  Take advantage of these talks and strive to learn as much information as possible. If there isn’t an opportunity for a scheduled talk with someone in particular, set up meetings with them to find out more about what they do. This is so incredibly valuable. Never let an opportunity to learn more or expand your knowledge pass by.

While at redpepper, I had the opportunity to observe and work on projects for Cracker Barrel, Healthier Tennessee, and Kirkland’s.  The variety of clients I’ve been exposed to throughout my internship has been especially valuable. Each client was so different and offered a unique perspective on this industry. Additionally, it provided insight to how marketing is done in a larger company versus a nonprofit. These were differences I had not previously considered. Each offers different challenges whether it is resources available or flexibility within the work produced. One thing I learned that will be very beneficial both in my future schoolwork and career is how to conduct purposeful and organized research. This will help my research content stay focused and concise. I particularly enjoyed the research I helped conduct for a Kirkland’s application where I researched competing applications and their offerings. While working in accounts I had the opportunity to join several client meetings allowing me to observe the critical need to establish trusting relationships. The stronger the trust between a client and the agency, the more flexibility there is and opportunities for growth both for the agency and for client.

The experience an intern gains at redpepper is extremely valuable because of the wide range of expertise in the employee base and the clients served.  The environment created by the leadership is an open one where interns are encouraged to ask questions, learn, and contribute. 

Alison Starcher, Account Intern
Atlanta, GA