I graduated from UT in the spring. It was late summer, and I had already been living at home with no job for far too long. I hadn't had much luck searching job boards. It was time to start hustlin'.

I have a degree in graphic design and a love for videography. I would really like to build on my creative skills with experience in project management and strategic planning. I am thinking I could be good at managing projects and accounts at an advertising agency. I just needed a creative agency that could teach me what I needed to know about the business.

I was turned on to redpepper; it was introduced to me as one of the best ad agencies in Nashville. redpepper is a crazy cool place. The culture has to be the best part about it; Friendly people, autonomous style, collaborative emphasis, fresh catered food, ping pong, beer, basketball hoop!, dogs!!-can this get any better? Yes. There is a company-wide value on personal growth and continual learning, meaning everyone is focused on becoming a better person or learning new things. They have quarterly meetings about what they would like to learn about next! redpepper backs up all of this “fun hip culture” with an impressive list of clients including Cracker Barrel, John Deere, Sprouts.. etc. and a nice portfolio of successful campaigns. So they play hard, but they do excellent work too.

One slow afternoon, A few other interns and I stumbled upon an abandoned photo shoot with a camera and lights set up. We decided we would take a few pictures. Once others noticed us having fun they joined in. We took a bunch of weird portraits, then decided to make them more interesting. We started throwing ping pong balls at the subjects while taking the shot. This led to some really great pictures of course. By this time there was a small crowd of interns and rp employees cheering us on. It's nice to be working at a place that encourages such shenanigans. 


redpepper has very specific intern positions, I am working with the Studio Group which represents the agency as a whole by managing creatives and client accounts to ensure clear communication and promote efficiency, all while planning out the process for any given project. This is exactly what I was looking to learn, and in an even better environment than I could have imagined. I am also working with the video team to shoot some promotional videos for rp.

Everyone at redpepper respects the interns. We are not just gofers around here. Most of the managers take the time to explain the “whys” and the “hows” of what’s going on around us. I have been invited to join in on meetings with the Cracker Barrel account. I can feel myself making larger connections as the conversations unfold. I am able to soak up observations about the way redpepper does business. I look forward to the rest of my time here, and the ability to hustle and grow into a great career afterwards. 

Never Stop Growing, and Hustle on the Reg.

Allen  Minecci, Production Intern,  Marietta, GA

Allen Minecci, Production Intern, Marietta, GA