An insider's guide into the redpepper spaces:

As the space and events intern, I wear a unique lens that allows me to see into the creative design and setup of the redpepper office. I know exactly how many of each type of chair and table there are—mostly because I made the inventory list :) redpepper is unique in its functional design and set up. As a casual and collaborative company, you are anything but confined to a workstation. There are many different spaces to meet all of your moods and work needs, this being one of redpepper’s major differentiators. Personally, I like the opportunity the open working space affords you to meet people from every team and learn more about what’s happening across the multitude of projects redpeppers are working on.


Want to see what I am talking about? Here’s a sneak peak into the unique space that is redpepper.

1.The Library:

A small and semi-quiet work space filled with natural sunlight, redpepper awards, and some of the comfiest chairs in the office. Head to the library for a quick meeting or to lounge comfortably while getting some great work done.

2. Wonderland:

The central meeting point of redpepper. A beautiful cafe with an open kitchen that is a great spot for lunch, working, meetings, or hanging out. Wonderland is definitely the intern hang out. Every morning you can find the interns congregated around a few cafe tables and chairs. If you are looking for some awesome music to work to or to get your juices flowing by talking to other peppers this is the place to be.

3. The Putt Putt:

At redpepper we believe in brain breaks. When you just need to blow off some steam or take a break from your awesome work you want to head to the putt putt. That’s right redpepper has its own small golfing green. If you are looking to be close to but slightly removed from the action of wonderland head to the putt putt. You can find some comfy chairs, a little nook if you are hoping for your own space and of course a few holes and the dart board if you are in need of a brain break.

4. Tudorland, Threederland, Fjorderland:

Here at redpepper we are a creative group that enjoys doing things differently. There is no conference room 1, 2, 3 but rather uniquely named meeting locations. On the rare occasion that you are lucky enough to find one of the three conference rooms unoccupied feel free to post up and make it your own personal office space- until the next meeting of course. You can utilize any of the furniture in the rooms that is constantly being reworked and moved around. Our intern class loves to have our group meetings in one of these rooms and tends to sit around all together for hours after it ends brainstorming and hanging out in these versatile spaces.

5. The Lab:

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 3.11.44 PM.png

Head to the lab if you want to start creating and building. Located on the 1st floor and equipped with a high table and chairs you can sit and work or head to the lab counter with all the tools and gadgets you can imagine- maybe you can create the next doorjam (check out this vimeo- insert link). This is also the location of our intern photo shoot leading to the creation of our awesome cover photo you saw at the top of our interns website.

5. Round table:

Located right at the entrance of the agency you can find a round table ideally set for teams to work around and collaborate. If you like to be in the know and see who is coming and going this is the seat for you.

6. Zone rooms:

redpepper understands that while an open work environment fosters collaboration it can sometimes be distracting. That is why they created the concept of zone rooms- small rooms with doors that you can reserve for yourself when you need some serious concentration and self-directed work. Feel free to head into one of those rooms for some peace and quiet and you ensure nobody will bother you for the length of your “zone”.

7. Nook:

This is a largely overlooked space with comfy chairs right on the ground floor of the agency that has all types of feasibility. You have both a magnet and white board waiting to be used for brainstorming sessions and is a great place to collaborate with other interns and redpeppers or spend some time thinking.

8. Comfy chairs by the stairs:

This is a very popular spot with comfy sofa chairs just waiting to be used for all your needs. You are out in the middle of the agency to see and be seen and maybe even listen in on a new business or events space tour. Often times you can find the same interns from the morning wonderland group have made their way downstairs for a change of scenery and like to utilize this spot to meet or hang out together as they do their work.

9: Wherever you like!

There are few limitations at redpepper when it comes to how and where you work so come join the team and see for yourself!

redpepper is a unique company for many reasons but the vibrant, open, and engaging space is one of my favorite parts of working here. Different kinds of work requires different kind of focus and having a space that can foster all types of work ensures that anyone can thrive at redpepper if they continue to learn and grow.  

Hannah Roth,  Suffern, NY,  Facilities & Events