What It Takes To Be A pepper: Advice By Interns For Interns

Starting any new internship can be extremely daunting. We all have spent the night tossing and turning in bed before a first day on the job worrying ourselves about the seemingly unknown that lies ahead. Well, have no fear because the Fall 2016 redpepper interns have put together a sneak peak on what it takes to be the best pepper in all of Wonderland.  

It all begins when you walk through those rp glass double doors into the space. It is important to take note of all the opportunities the physical working space at redpepper has to offer:

  • You can collaborate with one another just by sitting around a coffee table in a bunch of comfy chairs.

  • Sparking creativity is made easy by drawing on the whiteboard walls in conference rooms, sticking post-its all over any and every wall, tinkering with gadgets in the lab, and meeting up with your squad in all of our team rooms.

  • If you need some individual brainstorming time, book one of our zone rooms, or keep your head down in your workstation during maker time.

  • Need a break from all that zoning? Hit up the ping pong table downstairs, the basketball hoop by the lab, or the putt-putt course around the corner from Wonderland.

  • There is a reason they call it Wonderland, our kitchen is stocked with an endless supply of coffee, beer on tap, wine and snacks.


But beyond the great space, one of my favorite things about working here is how welcoming, friendly, motivated and enthusiastic the people who work here are. Just wait until you attend your first alignment meeting and you hear the clapping, cheering and banging on the tables from the crowd just because one of their peers is presenting on something they have been working on, or taught all the peppers something awesome in his/her redbit.

Supporting and appreciating one another is something that redpepper employees do best. With that said, I took the liberty to ask some of the current interns at redpepper to share a little about what they do and some advice about how to make the most of your time here.

Caroline, Production Services Intern:

On the job…

With departments focused on clients and others focused on work, I help support the team that focuses on redpepper. The operations of the company and its people are what we leverage to make things happen!

Advice to a future redpepper intern...

The internship is what you make of it. Employees are busy but never fail to make time to help and mentor you. Get involved in things you're passionate about to never stop learning!

Elise, Account Management Intern:

On the job...

Act as a liaison between cross-functional teams within the agency and clients.

Advice to a future redpepper intern...

Share what makes you different. redpepper gives you the chance to leverage what makes you "uniquely creative," so play up what makes you stand out in a crowd. Everyone here is so interesting, and it makes for such a fun and dynamic environment.

Alyssa, Business Development Intern:

On the job…

Help the business development team with research on potential clients for redpepper. Work on finding key insights and strategies to use as tools for getting smart on the potential clients and for presentations.

Advice to a future redpepper intern…

Be yourself—you won't fit in otherwise. redpepper is about personality, and that is what makes everyone here uniquely creative and valuable to the company.

Michael, Lab/Innovation Services Intern:

On the job…

I am working to help foster innovation at redpepper.

Advice to a future redpepper intern…

Schedule one-on-one discussions with full-time employees. They are all here for a reason and have interesting and smart information to share with you.

Hannah, Facilities and Events Intern:

On the job…

I help to coordinate and organize the space both for the agency and outside events clients and am working to bring together both pieces to create an even more successful organization.

Advice to a future redpepper intern…

Be yourself and be passionate.

Hannah, Production Services Intern:


On the job…

Shadow Project Managers and work on a client team of fifteen people from various departments, facilitating client workshops and managing projects, traffic and production for the agency. Responsibilities include research, assisting with project planning, supporting project management and team motivation.


Advice to a future redpepper intern…

Let your personality shine through in your application and interview. The culture is unbelievable, but also taken seriously, so they're really looking for people who fit into it and will make it even better.


Hopefully by this time you now have a little more insight, so when that first day comes around you can rest easy.


Julia Greenwald, Roslyn, New York, Operations Team