A Day in the Life of an Account Management Intern

This fall, I am working as an intern with redpepper’s Account Management team and every day is a different adventure. From meeting with clients, to making slide decks and helping on the set of photo shoots, I’ve learned so much and kept very busy. I can never predict what any given day will have in store, but I can definitively say that redpepper has inspired my creativity and supported my growth. Here is a brief overview of a day in my life as an Account Management intern:

9:00am: I arrive in Wonderland and grab a fresh cup of coffee. People at redpepper take their coffee very seriously and there are always multiple brews available on the counter in Wonderland. After chatting with redpepper’s other interns, I sit down at a table and take a peek at my calendar for the day.

10:00am: I head downstairs to a Team Room for a meeting for one of the client accounts that I am working on. At redpepper, every client has its own Team Room dedicated to that client’s project. People post project work and write all over the whiteboard walls so that you are immediately immersed in the project when you step into the room.

11:00am: I enter a different Team Room for another client project. The team reviews the progress of the project and asks me to work on a slide deck for an upcoming client meeting!

12:00pm: I brought lunch today so I grab a seat at a table in Wonderland and eat with other redpepper interns. Sometimes, we all leave and go out to lunch together. We love Mexican from Little Donkey, crepes from Red Bicycle, and anything from the Farmer’s Market!

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 9.57.50 AM.png

12:30pm: I sit in one of the comfy chairs downstairs and work on a slide deck for a client meeting about an upcoming photo shoot. The slide deck includes mood boards, photo sketches made by the Creative Team, and descriptions of the photo concepts.

2:30pm: I pop over to the Content Studio to start sorting through the boxes of product sent to us for an upcoming photo shoot.

3:30pm: I head upstairs to Tudorland (one of the large meeting rooms) to meet with the other interns to plan our next intern cover photo. We all work together to create photo concepts, pitch our ideas, and ultimately take a group cover photo for the intern website. Since all of the interns are busy working on different things, I love that we all get to come together for the cover photo project!

4:00pm: I booked myself a zone room so I can make some headway on my intern project. Every intern at redpepper does a final intern project which is an awesome way to contribute to the growth of the agency.

redpepper is always bustling with activity. There really is no typical day in the life of a redpepper intern, but I learn something new every day and I always have fun! One of my biggest takeaways going forward is that I can grow so much just by saying “yes” to any opportunity, asking lots of questions, and immersing myself in any work that needs to be done. This makes every day an exciting and different adventure!

Sammy Shipp, Account Management Intern, Lake Forest, IL.