5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Interning at redpepper

This fall, I have been working as a lab and innovation services intern. Interning at redpepper has been nothing short of an amazing experience. Between awesome projects, createathon, and an awesome Halloween, it’s truly a unique, wild and exciting place to spend my fall semester. With Thanksgiving finally upon us, I thought it would be appropriate to give five reasons why I am thankful for the opportunity to intern at redpepper.

1. The freedom given to interns to explore!

redpepper allows you to jump outside your comfort zone and get experience in something you may not have ever done. Are you a design intern that wants to learn a little bit about account management? redpepper employees are happy to let you help out in different areas. I’ve been able to gain experience in more places than I ever imagined when I started at redpepper.


2. Being encouraged to be creative

Feeling creative? Think you can create something that will help redpepper? Go for it! redpepper encourages creative outside the box projects and will give you the time, resources, and expertise for you to complete it. redpepper even has a cool science fair-like event where interns present a project they’ve been working on throughout the semester they have been working on. It’s a cool little way to make an impact at redpepper.

3. The dogs

Dogs! One of the first things you learn at redpepper is that besides the 34 or so happy employees to greet you each day, there is bound to be someone a little smaller and much furrier to greet you as well. Dogs and redpepper are like musicians and Nashville; they are everywhere and they are part of the experience itself! Need a break from some particularly stressful work? Play with one of the many puppies running around the office. Both of you will be happier from it!


4.    The people.

The people at redpepper are some of the most intelligent, kindest, and welcoming people you will ever meet. Everyone wants to help you learn and grow! I would encourage any future interns to sit down one-on-one with as many of the awesome people as they can.  You will find that you can learn something from every person and every conversation you have. A quick lunch conversation with Justin, a UX designer at redpepper, quickly developed in a lesson on how to better frame a story when presenting. Each conversation contains morsels of valuable information if you listen intently. I promise that if they are working at redpepper, you know they are worth learning from!

5. The experience.

The experience itself is what truly makes a redpepper internship so special. Whether it’s gaining insightful experience from a project, participating in the crazy event known as CreateAthon, or just hanging out with one of your 12 other interns, one way or another, you will be glad you interned at redpepper. The learning experience is second to none, and your intern class quickly become some of you’re great friends.


While these are some of things I was thankful for, every intern has a little bit of a different experience at redpepper. You are given tremendous freedom and with that comes responsibility to work hard and find areas where you want to learn. A redpepper internship is really about what you put into it. If you work hard, you’ll find that you came away with a special mix of experience and knowledge. That is why by the end of your semester, there is one mantra you won’t want to forget for the rest of your life: Hustle & Grow!

Michael Halperin, Lab & Innovation Services Intern, Jericho, NY