How Interning For redpepper Helps You Grow: The Halloween Edition

What is the scariest thing redpepper employees could dress up as for Halloween? The answer is corporate. For just a day the redpepper office was transformed into what was known as McMullen & McMullen Group LLC Inc. (Sounds intimidating doesn’t it?)

The day began with office messages from Human Resources informing everyone of the strict new schedule and rules for the day. Each person was required to take a new ID picture for a badge they had to wear around in order to attend alignment, our company wide meeting. Things like demerits would be given for being tardy, not properly dressed, or trying to change the status quo (Oh, the horror!)

As you walked around the office, redpeppers everywhere were rocking pant suits, ties, and some of the tightest hair buns you have ever seen- all with pencils woven through—in case you lost yours of course. It was the polar opposite of what a typical day at redpepper looks like except for how much fun everyone was having with it.

After all the jokes were done and set aside, it was easy to realize why this Halloween theme was so much fun for everyone at redpepper. For us interns not yet starting our professional careers, we got to see much more than people running around looking for who found a blazer with the highest shoulder pads, we got to really understand what’s so special about redpepper’s culture.

redpepper’s culture is one that circles around working hard, staying curious, and constantly growing. The people, the space, and even the office dogs all foster an environment for everyone who works there, intern or not, to grow as an individual every single day. After comparing redpepper to the strict parameters of how the corporate world can sometimes be this is a list of some of the ways interning for redpepper helps you constantly grow as an individual:

1. You learn that everyone has sharp corners.

Tim McMullen, redpepper’s CEO, talks about building a company of stars, where no one's sharp corners are filed down to fit a certain mold and the culture here strongly fosters this idea.

Sharp corners are the things that make you different and unique as an individual. At redpepper being different isn’t something that is looked down upon, but rather celebrated. Even as an intern you are encouraged to take those corners and develop them.

For redpepper shaving down everyone's sharp corners, what makes them different and unique, is one of scariest things that could happen to the company (after becoming corporate of course!)

2. Helps you understand that people work best in different ways, and that’s ok.

It’s actually more than ok! Interning at redpepper has helped me learn that working in different environments and spaces can help you produce your best work. redpepper gives you the opportunity to work in multiple functional spaces depending on the work you are doing in order for you to be your most productive self.

All the office spaces are intentional and easy to move to make sure that you can produce the best work possible- the space is just a tool to get you there. Whether you need to be head-down zoning in a private zone room or working with a group of people in a team room, there is a space for any type of work that needs to be done. The variety of locations also offer fresh perspectives when you need a change in scenery to recharge!

3. They WANT you to ask questions.

At redpepper you are encouraged to ask questions, which follows the idea of staying curious. Challenging the status quo is a norm and almost an expectation here. As an intern we are given the opportunity to learn about redpepper as a business through “Coffee and Questions” with employees and just by asking questions and being curious about the different teams we work with. We are also encouraged to not only ask questions about the business but about life. redpepper encourages us to develop ourselves personally and to do that we need to ask questions!

4. How much you hustle and GROW is truly up to you.

And if you want to grow from the internship experience (like you hopefully do) redpepper provides you all of the opportunities, you just need to take advantage of them! So take advantage of your time here—because if you do a good job and look for chances to be involved, you will learn more than you ever imagined and meet some amazing people along the way!

So although McMullen & McMullen Group LLC Inc. was only a Halloween trick, the idea of it all helped me see redpepper for more than just the amazing agency I have gotten to spend the last two and a half months working at. It helped me realize the importance of finding myself a place after graduation where values and culture are placed about the importance of your business suit. Working at redpepper has not only helped me grow as an individual but it has helped me set expectations for wherever I end up as I move towards the next chapter of my young professional life.

Alyssa McGruder, Marketing Intern, Gurnee, IL.