The Secret to a Perfect redpepper Internship.  It’s in the Beans

As a redpepper intern, it is practically a job qualification to be slightly addicted to coffee (Don’t fret, you non-coffee lovers. We’ll still love and accept you. We also have a wide array of tea selections.) For me, I am used to having a coffee i.v. inserted in my arm every Monday morning. So when I walked into redpepper’s doors on the very first day of my internship and discovered they had their own coffee brand, I knew I belonged. So how do you whip up the proverbial ‘Perfect Cup of Coffee’ and have the best internship experience, ever? Here’s my guide:

1.Select your perfect brew.


It’s important to choose the perfect internship for YOU. A company’s culture is the number one thing to consider and is what I focused on primarily during my internship search. Naturally, after stumbling upon redpepper, a company who puts their culture first, I was hooked. You can never be happy in a situation that is not a good fit. So when you do find the best fit, it’s equivalent to taking that first heavenly sip of joe in the morning. It’s magical.

2. Wait patiently taking in ALL the sweet aromas as your perfect blend brews.
When first starting your internship, you may feel a little overwhelmed not knowing where to begin. This is when I advise just chill for a hot second. Look around and take a deep breath. Everyone at redpepper wants you to excel. Listen and learn from everyone you meet and very soon you’ll be doing some really cool stuff, like possibly listening to the Creative Director of Mattel dive into the background of the evolution of Barbie. (Yes. This totally happened.)

3. Add just a spoonful of sugar (and tons of yummy creamer.)
Mama always said “Honey attracts more bees than vinegar.” Well, she was right. redpepper is all about encouraging and pushing one another towards the end goals. So no bad attitudes. Instead offer a helping hand when not asked or better yet step out of your comfort zone and make a new friend. If you’re lucky that same friend will later turn around and lend a helping hand when you’ve overwhelmed yourself with an ambitious project. Interning is about building your own network of trusted peers who will always have your back.

4. Create a little Latte Art on top.
Now is your time to shine! Finally, the opportunity to put your personal stamp on the finished project and show off all those amazing skills and ideas which landed you the internship to begin with. So go on! Be creative, push yourself, and take some risks! redpepper’s famous motto “Hustle & Grow” totally rings true here.

5. Make a cup for someone else.
As in all aspects of life, the only thing better than receiving is giving. Whether that’s giving a Christmas present, brightening someone’s day with a cup of coffee, or sharing the wonderful knowledge and insights you have received from your internship experience. I had the distinct privilege of participating in redpepper’s Create-A-Thon. Chugging tons of coffee and endless hours of copy writing was totally worth it when presenting to such a deserving non-profit as Hospital Hospitality House. If you have a chance, check them out at:   

Now it’s time for this semester’s class to bid adieu. As we walk out those doors, we grab a hold of our perfected cup of joes and look over our shoulders smiling upon our experiences at redpepper; proud of the small mark we have left. Now it’s up to you, the newest class of baristas, to out-do our perfectly hand-crafted coffee concoctions and hopefully leave redpepper better than you found it.

Stormy Rains,