1. Start organizing now! I’m not a very organized person. Don’t be like me. Start now. Do you not already have notecards, a notebook, a daily planner, paper and digital to do lists, and an expert knowledge of excel, word, google docs, calendar, mail, and slack? Get after it. I just made an entire Wunderlist folder for redpepper. There’s like four different to do lists in there. Find yourself a good program for keeping lists and tracking daily schedules. I also like Blotter for my calendar. 


2. You’re probably not hip enough. This agency is a bunch of artistic people, tech developers, and more. They walk to the beat of their drum, stay on top of trends and express themselves more creatively than almost anyone you might know. They know about tech developments that you only thought were possible on the sci-fi channel, and they’re ready to give a ten-minute redbit about it at any moment. At one point, I learned that there is a group that declares an annual color scheme, but these guys were already coordinating their hair color to it. You’ve got a lot of catching up to do, just soak in everything and try to keep up as much as you can. 


3. Your resolution to cut out caffeine in your life just went down your throat with that third cup of delicious coffee that is seemingly endless. Just embrace it. After a long week, it’s going to help a lot.


4. Don’t underestimate Brooke’s Tindering skills. Thankfully she uses them for the good of others and not evil. 

5. Find a comfortable, accessible spot to work. Be close to the action but not too close to get distracted, near a wall outlet and in a comfy chair. Stake your claim and keep that space as much of a secret as you can. Sometimes you just need some zone time (this is a redpepper idiomatic expression that I think has something to do with Kanye’s “Don’t let me get in my zone” where you get in your zone and get shit done). 


Drink Primary.gif

6. We drink at work sometimes. Now, as a college kid with access to free beer and wine, it’s easy to take it a little too far. Nobody will look down on you for having a drink in the later parts of the day, but if you start filling out a couple frequent customer punch cards at the café’s tap, you’re going to regret it. 


7. As soon as you learn about Slack, go ahead and set up notifications for key words like “food”, “snacks”, “lunch”, “happy hour”, and “tyler”; these things will be useful and you will thank me.

8. Volunteer yourself for a ridiculous amount of different projects. Get on as many teams as you can. Soon, you will be overwhelmed and working as much as a full time employee, but for free. You will be so busy, you won’t be able to worry about it, but you will get a TON of great experience, make some cool stuff, and might even end up with a job eventually (take this with a grain of salt; I’ve been here two weeks and obviously have no clue if this will turn into a job).

9. Take a break every now and then and play a little ping pong, but first look around to see if anyone is in an important meeting (thanks for catching that one James, it was a close one).

10. Bring dog treats. I haven’t done this yet but it seems like a good idea cause there’s a ton of dogs around all the time. Just make sure you ask permission before feeding someone else's dog. 

11. I brought cake and ice cream one day (praise the lord Blue Bell is back in Nashville!!!) and it got a lot of brownie points (pun intended), but I also heard a rumor that Tim, the CEO, doesn’t like it when people bring too sweet, unhealthy snacks. Just so you know. Snacks are good, unhealthy sweets are a risk.

12. Bring a lot of batteries and charge your devices. You think your laptop and phone and tablet and go pro and camera and apple watch are gonna last all day? HAHA! Think again, intern. You’ll remember after the first day of frantic plug scavenging.

13. Ask Jake to show you the Oculus stuff. Just do it.

14. In the end, just talk to as many people as you can and learn from them. Learn from stuff that redpepper has done in the past, and try to be a part of their future. The thing that makes redpepper awesome is that everybody is trying to grow and be more and more of an expert and creative in their field. And they all want to help each other do just that. Just like any internship, it’s going to take some time to get plugged in and dig in, but if you take every opportunity given you to make yourself better, you will find that these people want to do everything they can to help you and bring you up. Be friendly. Be hungry. Be courageous. You’ll do fine. 


Tanner Boriack, Tomball, TX, Production Intern