As a college student, I constantly face unanswered questions. Where will I move after graduation? What is going to be on this test? Should I eat McDonald’s for the third time this week? But of all the trivial questions in my day-to-day life, I find the uncertainty of marriage to be the most imposing. Is marriage with Lauren B. the answer? But what about Jojo...? Is reaching out to Amanda an option?

Sadly, I am not going through my own romantic options, but rather traversing the possible commitments of Ben Higgins, this year’s Bachelor Season 20 star. Inspired by the sentimentality of The Bachelor (which I totally don’t watch), I will explain my fantastic intern experience at redpepper through classic pick-up lines.

“Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten-I-see”

What better place to learn and grow than Nashville, Tennessee! Great food, awesome music, and friendly people makeup the cultural feel of Nashville. As a redpepper intern, I get to interact with these pillars of southern hospitality on a daily basis.

Lunchtime transforms the office into a bastion of interaction as employees meet in the cafe to check out the latest catered meal, negotiate the music playlist, and share updates on their lives. Also, we have the best coffee in the world. My favorite is “delight,” and it is directly responsible for amping up the office every day.


“You look quite...fetching”

While the historic success of this pickup line may be dubious, its relevance to pet owners is important. redpepper allows its employees to bring their dogs to work, which is a huge bonus for a college student who can’t have animals at school (believe me, I’ve tried). Work doesn’t feel like work when I’m chasing around Samara’s golden doodle or throwing a tennis ball to Tim’s retriever. We had an intern photoshoot last week, and the biggest challenge was keeping the dogs from running into frame, which means life is pretty good!

“Can I buy you a drink?”

Actually no, you don’t have to! redpepper believes in celebrating its employees and their great work, which means we celebrate often. The free wine and beer on tap serve as reminders that hard work should be rewarded. Our weekly staff meetings, aka alignment, feature employees treating themselves to a drink, both as a tribute to their latest endeavor and an encouragement to keep pushing forward!


“I’m new in town, can you give me directions to your place?”

If there were a creepiness scale for pickup lines, I would give this one a conservative 7/10. However, it speaks to the fact that redpepper attracts talented and creative people from all over the country. redpepper believes everyone is uniquely creative, and it’s easy to see how someone’s hometown shapes their distinctive originality. My fellow marketing intern is from Pennsylvania and my supervisor is from Florida. I’ve genuinely appreciated the experience of working with different perspectives and the awesome results that this collaboration brings!

In a world full of uncertainty and unanswered questions, it’s a rare gift to have a community, organization, and family I can count on. redpepper is a unique, supportive, and engaging place that I consider myself lucky to be a part of!

Derrick Baber, Memphis, TN, Marketing and Research Intern