There are several things that I will take away from my internship, but I have really come to understand the importance of balance. Sure, I’ve always known that balance matters, but by pushing myself to the limit this semester, I have realized how essential it is to my success in the work world, school, and life in general. I am currently in my final semester of college (what!), I work a job on campus, and I am interning at redpepper in client services. Needless to say this is definitely me…

Then I feel like this by the end of the week…

Then again, I also feel like this once I’ve realized how much I get done...

This has not been easy, but it has definitely been exhilarating and enlightening. As I’ve thought more about my struggle in finding the right balance in my work, internship and social life, I’ve come to notice how important balance is at redpepper. Let me take you through a few balancing acts here. I’m no yogi, but I have learned a thing or two about why balance makes for great results.

Balance your passions with your work

I’ve noticed that everyone here is able to focus on their passions while working for the company. This has been very valuable to me as I move beyond my college career into the work world. I always knew that I should do something I love, but seeing love for work in action has been great for me. Getting to see a company like this has reminded me that I should find a place where I can express my passions to others and explore them through our work.

I’m passionate about creating and making. I love the idea of innovative and fresh work. I try to rethink my artwork each day to express my personality and values in new ways I haven’t seen before. And I’m very passionate about learning and hearing stories from others. Pushing myself this semester to gain experience in a place where I can see these passions in a work setting has been crucial to understanding how to balance my passion in my work as I move forward with my career choices.

Push yourself to be better each day

If you’re going to get better with your balance, you have to try it out every day. Everyone encourages personal growth at redpepper, making everyone constantly pursue their growth plan. Without pushing ourselves to get better at something, we will never accomplish anything! Whether I’ve noticed people pushing others in meetings or during alignment, it’s clear that everyone is looking out for one another to be their better selves each day. I’ve definitely noticed myself pushing to get better while interning here and it has even moved outside of my internship. I’ve gotten a lot better at quick decision making and I’ve learned new skills when it comes to collaborating in meetings and doing research. I’m happy that I get to take these skills with me and that I can always improve them. By pushing myself in this internship, I may lean off balance for a bit, but getting better will only allow me to balance all my work and passions better as time goes by.

Walk the tightrope

Sometimes you have to try new things and see what happens. Everyone here is willing to step out of their comfort zones and try new things. People from different departments jump in to help others, peppers share new experiences through their redbits, and everyone strives to do new things through their growth plans. By trying something new, we are able to get better, find a balance, and walk that rope with no fear. I’ve been asked to help with things that I had no clue how to do when I first got here, but you really can’t get better unless you try something!

Find the perfect blend of professional and fun

redpepper is the perfect combination of fun and professional at work. Everyone loves to have fun, but they also always get the job done. They manage to wear denim on denim to work and still sell a great pitch. I can only hope that I work somewhere that does this so well.

Find your center

And finally, you must find your center in order to reach that perfect balance. redpepper has allowed me to find my center and discover what I’m passionate about when it comes to this industry. Collect your passions, challenges and work, find the best ways to approach them, and you can find a great balance. You’ll truly feel fulfilled!

Mary Woodruff Griffin, Chattanooga, TN, Client Services Intern