Who Wouldn’t Want To Be Part Of This?

Nashville, Tennessee.

It's a pretty awesome place, and a great city for redpepper to call home. I mean, so many other people want to call it home -- or at least get a taste of it. 

In 2015, 13.5 million tourist visited Nashville. And on a more permanent basis, there are an average of 85 people moving here each day. Nashville is a pretty trendy place right now, and if you haven’t heard or noticed yet, Music City is experiencing quite the growth spurt--but why?

Well, Nashville is my hometown. I’ve lived here all 21 years of my young life and during that short time, I’ve come to notice exactly why everyone would want to move here (and I continue to learn every day).

Contrary to popular belief, Nashville is more than the building wall murals that everyone wants to post on their Instagram -- you know, the “I Believe in Nashville” paintings and the #WhatLiftsYou wings in The Gulch.

And as trendy and delicious as they are, Nashville is so much more than the restaurants on 12 South or the cupcake ATM. Music City has more to offer than music being played on every corner you turn, or the “buy one get two free” never-ending cowboy boot sale.

So what does makes this place so special? What makes Nashville, Nashville? That’s easy. It’s the people. The people who make the culture. And the culture that creates the ever so evident drive in people to grow, learn, and better themselves every single day--in whatever they undertake. Nashvillians take pride in being natives and having created this “up and coming” city that so many want to be apart of. And who wouldn't want to be apart of that?

In Nashville, you find redpepper

Well, I can tell you that most of our interns certainly wanted to be apart of this whole Nashville phenomenon. Our team consists of 17 interns and only two of us are from here. And if you ask the other 15, you'll find that among the many reasons to be drawn to redpepper, a certain amount of the draw was its location in Nashville.

Naturally, as one of the two Nashvillians on the team, I felt a sense of pride on redpepper internship day one that “my” city was one of the reasons students from all over came here. But as my intern experience has progressed, a different sense of pride has developed inside of me.

And in redpepper, you find Nashville

As I’ve already said, I continue to learn why my hometown is so special on a daily basis, and this summer, I’ve added redpepper to my list.

My experience as an intern has taught me that redpepper inhabits all of the reasons so many people love and want to be apart of this city--and then some.

Contrary to popular belief, redpepper is more than the fact that people bring their dogs to work and that there is always one nearby to play with or love on. redpepper is more than the putt-putt course, post-lunch ping-pong tournaments, or its beautiful newly renovated space. redpepper is more than the darts, and it is more than the coffee and Dove chocolate.

And even though these things are super great perks and create a unique work environment, redpepper has so much more to offer.

So we’re back to the first question: what does make this place so special, then? What makes redpepper, redpepper?

redpepper, found in the heart of Nashville, seems to have become a product of its environment. So again, that answer is easy. It’s the people. The peppers. The mentors who guide our young intern minds. The creatives who create some of the most intricate designs you’ve ever laid eyes on. The owners who goof off along side of everyone else. The other like-minded interns who you instantly click with. It’s every single person in the office who makes the culture. And the culture that creates the ever so evident drive in people to grow, learn, and better themselves every single day--in whatever they undertake.

It’s the challenging ideas and thoughts, the extra pushes to go a little bit further than before. It’s the Hustle & Grow. It’s the laughs, the encouragement, the constant brains moving all around you in a million different directions. It’s a kind of creativity that you’ve never even seen before. It’s the different puzzle pieces each redpepper employee brings to the table making this place such a well-oiled machine. That’s what makes this place so special: the parts that make the whole.

It hasn't taken very long to grasp the concept that people here take pride in being redpeppers--and there is not a single reason why they shouldn’t. And in my short experience as an intern, I even feel proud to say I’m a part of this place--even if it is just for a summer.

The same way I feel about Nashville, the place I’ve been a part of my whole life, is the same way I now feel about redpepper, a place I’ve been a part of for less than a month: I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to be a part of this? 

Bailie Patterson, Nashville, TN, Production Intern

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