6 Reasons Why Being a Graphic Design Intern at redpepper can Drive Your Future. 

1. You Won’t Be Making Coffee
redpepper is unlike any other agency you’ve seen. Copies and coffee runs are a thing of the past when it comes to interning with the best. The responsibility given to each designer is crucial. Here you’re part of the team, and you’re treated like it. Each intern is given a mentor in their field to guide them through the entire experience and make sure their time here is worthwhile. Here at redpepper you will be learning through experience and gaining substantial life lessons for the road to come.

2. You Sit in on Client Meetings
So many people undervalue this amazing perk to an internship. Here, you’re not only participating and giving your input on brainstorms and critiques, but you get to see them come to life. Being a part of client meetings means you get to hear and understand a clients wants, needs and expectations. You also get a feel for the company’s tone and how they approach conversations. Sometimes you go into a meeting thinking you know exactly what the client is going to say; and then they surprise you. This is such a valuable encounter for your future. Watching the pros react, bounce back and explain their thought process really puts perspective on the client relationships you make and how to utilize each and every meeting to your advantage.

3. YOUR Work Can Actually be Pitched to Clients
But you’re an intern… there’s no way an established, money-making, and thriving agency would ever put an intern's work into a client pitch, right? WRONG. Not only did my work get presented to a client that owns 85% of the fortune 500, but they treated it as one of redpepper’s proud creations. They sold it, they respected it, they critiqued it. They were proud to have my idea represent the agency and there’s really no better experience, or feeling than that. Work hard and take the work they give you very seriously. It will pay off, I promise.

4. You Get to Learn Whatever You're Interested In
They give you real work, they critique your work, they pitch your work, and now you get to pick your work? How is it possible that a program like this exists? From the get-go I told the design team here at redpepper that branding and logo design were my favorite things about visual communication. They immediately brought me up to speed on a current branding project and let me jump right in. This company works on so many different projects, that finding the right learning experience for you is basically guaranteed.

5. They Treat You Like Family
My mentor asked me to her performance on Friday. The Creative Director offers to let you babysit his kids. They make sure you’re fed, happy, and healthy. Here, you’re not just part of the team, you’re part of the family. redpepper culture is unlike one I have ever seen, and if you get the amazing opportunity to experience it, please take it.

6. Your Portfolio Will Thank You
I could tell you about all the things I’ve created while at redpepper for less than a month, but I think showing you will get my point across better. Just look at all the brain power that comes from being in this environment!

Thank you for reading and all the best,

Nancy Wilson, Medina, Ohio, Creative Services Intern