Summing Up my rp Journey with Bachelorette Season 12 gifs:


1) First Day Nerves

I was simultaneously incredibly nervous and excited to begin my time as an rp marketing intern. I walked in the doors and was immediately surrounded by a multitude of highly-accomplished employees, a killer workspace, and tons of adorable pups.

2) Juggling Tasks  

Luckily, there were 17 other amazing humans in my intern class who were along for the ride with me. We all quickly bonded and started referring to ourselves as a “mini-agency” that existed within redpepper. This was because we were entrusted with a series of responsibilities, such as: presenting cover photo pitches, organizing photo shoots, and carrying out successful brainstorming sessions. Needless to say, we quickly enhanced our time management, organizational, and communication skills by balancing both our intern class and departmental responsibilities.

3) Work hard, Play hard

Don’t worry, we always made sure to take necessary putt-putt, ping pong, and darts breaks when needed. Not to mention, there were healthy snacks, tons of delicious coffee, and the occasional leftover catering spread from client meetings to fuel our brainpower. Plus, we had access to plenty of beer and wine to reward ourselves for all of our hard work.

4) Grow. Every. Dang. Day.

At redpepper, you grow—A LOT.  In fact, the core value “We actively support personal growth,” is one of the first things you see on display when you enter the space. Through personal growth charts, Coffee & Questions meetings with the different redpepper departments, and weekly company-wide meetings, redpepper ensured we were constantly learning and making the most of our time. We were even assigned “growth buddies” to keep us accountable for our growth objectives at the beginning of our internship session!

My growth goals were to constantly push myself to learn as much as I could in every situation by asking thoughtful questions, and by getting to know each employee at redpepper. I made sure to keep myself accountable by writing down one new thing I learned each day. At the end of my internship, I felt incredibly confident and knowledgeable about the company roles and culture.

5) Take Initiative

One of the most important things I learned through my time at rp is that you NEED to take initiative. Don’t be afraid to push your limit—some of our greatest insights come to us when we are right outside the boundary of our comfort zone. Ask your mentor for access to a new project, or to sit-in on meeting you saw on their calendar, without being afraid to hear the word “no.” Showing initiative will go a long way as a redpepper intern. Plus, you will want to take full advantage of the opportunities redpepper has to offer: networking with an incredible staff, observing the variant departmental work, conducting research for clients, sitting in on pivotal meetings, preparing rooms for pitches, and much more.

Taking initiative and expressing interest in the different areas at redpepper eventually allowed me to present my research at a Thistle Farms brainstorming session, work as a props manager at weeklong shoot for Cracker Barrel, and take multiple photos for the redpepper instagram.

6) Final note

Like anything, your redpepper internship is going to be what you put into it. My experience could not have been any better, and it definitely set the bar high for my subsequent career. I am beyond thankful for the relationships I’ve made, and the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the course of the summer. Although I’m sad my internship is coming to a close, I know I will carry these life-long lessons with me into my all of my future endeavors!





Alyssa Kalams, Nashville, TN, Marketing Intern