Painting Outside the Lines: the process of creating our final intern cover photo

The Assignment:
Our task? Create a cover photo that embodied the personal growth and creative encouragement we experienced over the course of our redpepper internship. The process? Brainstorm three solid concepts, and pitch them to the redpepper staff.

The Chosen Idea:
Concept options included: splatter paint, confetti, and orange fog. And the winner? Splatter paint! The most cumbersome choice of the three options to execute, but we were up for the challenge.

So why was splatter paint the chosen favorite? Because agency life is an inherently creative environment, and paint represents the freedom of expression we experienced at redpepper.  

Our Vision:
We pictured all the interns wearing blue jeans and white t-shirts, lined up in front of a white backdrop, actively being splattered with orange paint.

Here was some of our inspiration:

Materials we needed:

  • Loads of orange paint, of course

  • A giant white sheet that would cover an entire wall of the lab

  • Painter's plastic, to avoid leaving paint footprints  

  • 17 white t-shirts, to make the paint color POP

Our primary concern was getting orange paint in places it shouldn’t be--on the lab (floors, walls, and equipment), and on the interns’ faces who were scheduled to present at a brainstorming session immediately following our shoot.

We took turns splattering our clothes, one by one, to to make as small of a mess as possible. Simultaneously, one of the design interns splattered paint on the backdrop behind us to enhance the overall splattering effect.

We smiled, we acted surprised, we fake laughed, and we even took a few shots jumping in the air for kicks.


What we learned:
Our final cover photo doesn’t hold many similarities to our initial inspiration, because we truly made this cover photo our own. The same sentiment holds true to our redpepper experience--our internship didn’t play out how we initially anticipated; in fact, it far surpassed our expectations. We were all able to make our internship at redpepper our own, because redpepper is a space where we were encouraged to paint outside the lines.

Here’s the photo we decided on-- we think we made quite a splash.