The Dog Days Aren’t Over

During my first day at redpepper, I was greeted by tons of lovely coworkers. Some of them happened to have four legs, floppy ears, and constantly-wagging tails.

A few of the “regulars” at redpepper: Winnie, Max, and Sawyer.
Shout out to one of our wonderful Design Services interns, Erqing, for making them especially stylish.

Across the nation, more and more workplaces are opening their doors to their employees’ furry friends. Dogs have the power to make humans healthier and happier - and that’s true inside of the office too. Here’s a few ways the dogs at redpepper, and at any workplace, can make the work day that much more enjoyable.

1. They are the ideal coworkers.
They have some serious people skills - they’re friends with everyone in the office. They’re never the source of office gossip. They get their work done, but know when to have fun too. They’re don’t even need a cup of coffee to get them out of that morning funk. Everyday, I’m inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of the dogs at redpepper.


2. They decrease stress.
Dogs make people less stressed out. How do I know this? SCIENCE. Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University compared employees with pups at the office to employees without pups at the office. The study found that employees who brought their dogs to work reported the lowest stress levels. So, basically, dogs should be at work be at work because science says so.


3. They act as tiny vacuum cleaners.
While some may think that dogs could make a workplace messier, I’d argue the opposite. Drop a crumb of your delicious, healthy lunch on the floor? Have no fear, a dog will be there in no time to make sure the redpepper floors are spotless.


4. They increase cooperation between coworkers.
Who wouldn’t want to work with someone who comes with a furry plus-one? Dogs in the office connect everyone together. Workplaces with dogs tend to see more team cohesion and trust between coworkers.


5. They encourage you to get up from your desk and get active.
With dogs in the office, people are way more likely to venture outside during the workday. At redpepper, coworkers can always bond over a walk with a dog around Germantown or a puppy playtime break on the putting green.


My days at redpepper don’t feel complete without seeing some of my coworkers’ pups wandering around the office. But in all honesty, the dogs at redpepper are just a small part of what makes interning her exceptionally wonderful. While the dog-friendly workplace is definitely a selling point for interning at redpepper, the real action is in between the puppy playtime breaks, when you can see the cast of amazingly hard-working redpeppers creating and innovating every single day.

Katherine McGee, rp Marketing Intern, Weston, FL