Why You Should Intern at redpepper the Semester You Graduate

Interning is hard. It’s something I wasn’t warned about before college. I knew I had to take classes, and I knew getting into a club would benefit me, but not one of my high school teachers told me it would be a good idea to get real world work experience…weird.

Now before I go into more detail, this isn’t going to be some sappy post about how much interning has changed my life, this is very much a panic-driven sentiment about how the people and environment of redpepper made my stress riddled last semester enjoyable.

A little backstory…I interned at three different places before I achieved my ultimate goal of redpepper. I started off interning for a company that was all online, and there were only two employees, so there wasn’t much of a support system or collaboration that happened. Then I took my talents to the music industry. Apparently small companies were drawn to hire me, because my next two internships were small companies where they had one person departments. And I’m getting my business degree, so it was hard to go to my internship for eight hours, three days a week, and not really get the interaction that I craved. Nonetheless, I picked up valuable marketing, social media, and general office skills that gave me the clout to be able to apply at redpepper, where I accepted a role as rp marketing intern. This is a cool position, because we are working on branding and marketing redpepper as a company to potential clients.

Another thing I was told about college is that your last semester at college would be easy. I was pretty busy throughout my semesters at Belmont, as their business program is pretty demanding, but the thing that got me through it was knowing my last semester would be easy. Maybe I could just take Clay 1 and skate by class-wise my last semester and devote all my time to my internship. Nope. I am currently in the thick of the busiest semester of my life. I am not a fan of group projects and I am currently juggling four, along with tests and papers, so I am basically living in a perpetual state of stress.

That being said, redpepper is my saving grace. I have never interned somewhere where the people cared so much about making sure you have a good experience. They care so much about making sure not only that you’re getting a great experience but also that you have the time and the mental capability to graduate. We are more than just the “fall interns,” we are people and we are friends who care about each other.

The fact that redpepper has an open dog policy really helps my stress levels as well. There are five dogs here on any given day which only contributes to the unique culture that redpepper has.  If I need a break from work or an escape from projects, I can play with the dogs, play ping pong, or practice my putting on the golf green. It’s a great environment which I think fosters better work because the work turns into something you want to do, not something that is shoved down your throat.

Finally, redpepper is in what has become my favorite area in Nashville: Germantown. Germantown has this really cool vibe that transports you from the south into a New England style red brick road. Red Bicycle is my go-to coffee place (their macaroon latte is to die for), and they have a sandwich that is literally just egg, bacon, cheese, and hashbrowns…what else would a stressed-out college student want? Right next door, there’s a cute little restaurant called Lulu’s (which I struggled to read because of the unique font) which is perfect for those days when you just need to cry into baked goods and their double chocolate chip gluten free cookie is the best thing for that.

College is hard. Interning is hard. Working is hard. But if you can find the right place that makes interning enjoyable, jump on it, and that place for me is redpepper. In a last semester that is filled with work, where the motto which I find myself saying at least once a day is “I’m just trying to graduate,” you need to surround yourself with supportive people, supportive dogs, and comfort food. Thanks to redpepper, for at least two days a week, I don’t feel like a struggling college student, I feel like a working girl with the best colleagues in the world.


Nikki Blais, rp Marketing Intern, Boston, MA