Say Yes to redpepper

Graduating from college, entering the “real world,” and moving to a new city all in just two months was a little bit overwhelming, but it was also exciting! There were so many unknowns ahead, questions unanswered, and many adventures awaiting me. My biggest hope was to not settle on just any job or internship, but to really find “my place” even if that meant waiting for the position that was meant for me. I learned the value of waiting and trusting that the position uniquely waiting for me would come up and that is exactly what happened when I got this internship at redpepper and I said yes!

There are so many reasons why my internship at redpepper went above and beyond all the great expectations I already had for it. First, the culture and values are a big part of who redpepper is and why they stood out to me as a great advertising agency before I had even begun my internship. Work hard, stay curious, and keep growing are important to the culture and people. The values and culture give redpepper such a great community of people, who are striving to meet the same expectations, while thoroughly enjoying their time together. My advice is to never be afraid to ask questions, go to the “coffee and questions” to learn about the different departments in the agency, volunteer yourself, and sit in on meetings. Dive into the culture, values, and community because redpepper is the place to be.

It was never hard to spot the interns in the office because most days we would be congregated in one spot enjoying each other’s company while working on our own tasks and projects. There are interns for the many different departments, so we could learn from each other about what was going on in each department. I would say that life at redpepper challenges the mainstream agency, but in all the best ways. We always find time to take breaks to enjoy a game of ping pong, play on the putt-putt course, or take a walk outside to one of the many great places around Germantown. One thing in particular that I loved is that there is ample free reign, you can sit wherever you feel is comfortable for the day, play a quick game, or enjoy freshly brewed coffee. To get to other areas of the office, you have to pass through the main room on the second floor, Wonderland, which allows for collaboration and enjoying time with each other.

There are so many things that make daily life at redpepper unique and great. I took the DiSC assessment on my first day, which is an assessment tool to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication within the agency. It is an assessment that is actually used, talked about, and not forgotten because it is effective for knowing how to work best with each other. Every week is started off with an Alignment meeting, which gets everyone in the same room at the same time to discuss what is currently going on. Each week someone presents a Redbit to start off the meeting, which is a ten-minute presentation on any desired educational topic. We give appreciation shout outs, we learn about exciting things going on in the different departments, and many other things.  The small things in the office make it that much better too such as the daily trumpet playing, music constantly playing in Wonderland, and dogs casually wondering around the office.  

Overall, redpepper is unique and different in so many great ways that made my meticulous internship and job search worth the wait for this great experience. The many components that go into daily life at redpepper make it the best place to work, which brings the most encouraging and hard-working people together in one place. If you love what you do every day, it’s not even “work,” which is what I would say about my internship at redpepper and I couldn’t have asked for a better last three months.


Margot Williams, Space & Events intern, Atlanta, GA