The rp Fall Stylebook : Which rp style are you?


Here at rp, we believe that there is more to life than being “really, really ridiculously good looking.” However, that doesn’t mean we don’t happen to look good while creating and innovating on a regular basis! As you may gather from rp’s social media outlets, style is anything but normal at redpepper. In fact, the company believes in bringing their whole selves to work--funky fashion & all. Needless to say, you won’t be finding any grandma sweaters in here (sorry, Pam).

Wondering what to wear around Nashville’s most creative minds? Look no further--the rp Fall Stylebook is here and available for all your office fashion needs. Whether you subscribe to a traditional, zany, or casual way of life, we have a look for you.


1. Classic Chic (Ally Lanahan)


Are you on top of all the newest trends? Do your friends text you constantly for wardrobe advice and directions to the best online sales? Then Ally’s Classic Chic is the style for you. Trendy with a touch of elegance, Ally’s wardrobe takes simple statements and twists them into something classically unique. What are the perks of this style, you may ask? Easy: a simple transition from daytime to night. No time to change before Happy Hour? No problem—you can take this style with you to work and out for drinks afterwards without batting an eye. Easy, breezy, beautiful… classic chic.

Color schemes: Navy, blue, rich red, gray, olive green.

Accessories: All outfits to be accented by a small white pup. See left.





2. Playful Pizza(z) (Sarah Parker)

Some people are born to stand out and shine. If you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve (literally), then Sarah Parker’s Playful style and spunk is right up your alley. Pizza, ice cream, tacos, you name it, Sarah Parker’s got a dress decorated with it and more. Rain or shine, Sarah’s zesty outfits are sure to spice up your day and bring a smile to your face.

Color schemes: rainbow, electric, neon, whimsical pink.

Accessories: Hamburger & hotdog earrings, The Simpsons nails, and fish shoes. Yes, fish shoes.


3. I woke up like this (Samara Anderson)

Do you happen to always look cute without even trying? If your hair is perfectly coiffed and your ripped jeans scream edgy cool, then Samara is rocking the style for you. You’re a hard worker, so sometimes heels and a leather jacket don’t quite cut it. But don’t sweat--this look can be easily morphed into a sporty athleisure feel with a pair of leggings and some Vince slip-ons.

Color schemes: Leather-jacket black.

Accessories: Jean jacket, edgy boots, cute scarf.

4. Minimalist with a Twist (Alyssa Kalams)

Picture your perfect day. Are comfy sweaters and high waisted jeans involved? How about solid neutrals? Maybe a cute cup of rp coffee to complete the aesthetic? If all of the above speak to you and your inner fashionista, then you are definitely a minimalist like Alyssa. An effortless mix of simple and stylish, Alyssa’s wardrobe exudes a quiet confidence with a fun flair for detail and adventure.

Color Schemes: Solids & neutrals

Accessories: Handkerchief tied around the neck


5. Brooklyn Blues (Chrimmons)

When asked to describe his style, Chris Ammons had a few words to share: “blue, blue, and blue….with a hint of red.” Well, he isn’t lying. Artfully pairing a variety of blue hues with subtle red accents, Chrimmons’ outfits defy and break misconceptions surrounding the whole jean on jean controversy. Be you. Be blue.

Color schemes: Speaks for itself

Accessories: A variety of vests, jackets, and fake hands required to complete the look.  


6. Preppy Print(ce) (Angel Ayala)

Who said office-wear had to be boring and plain? If you like to bring some zest and class to your everyday outfits, Angel’s classically patterned flannels and button-downs are sure to speak your language. With a bevy of vibrant prints and patterns, Angel brings his upbeat personality front and center no matter the season.

Color schemes: anything colorful & fun. Opposite of boring.

Accessories: Patterns so bold Angel doesn’t need accessories.


7. Executive Casual (Tim McMullen)

Most CEOs roll up to work in strict business formal with full suits freshly pressed and steamed. Disclaimer: Tim is not like most CEOs. I would argue he may be a step ahead of the traditional CEO mold. By pushing individualized fashion forward, Tim is able to spark subsequent creativity in the office and beyond. As the free-dress pioneer of the office, Tim sets the example for all peppers by donning sharp outfits ranging from snappy casual polos to more relaxed Athleisure pieces (quick run, anyone?). With creativity and comfort at the top of mind, Tim is able to jump from client meeting to client meeting with ease, running the company efficiently by day and focusing on health and fitness by night.

Color schemes: Winter blues, grays, blacks

Accessories/key pieces: Converse, post-it notes


8. Loud and Proud (Amy)

Ever wake up in the morning wanting to don a onesie and get on with the day? Yeah? Well sometimes we do too. From Big Bird onesies to dog costumes and everything in between, rp employees are encouraged to do their thing-including outfit experimentation. Every day can be Halloween if you’d like. It’s up to you!

Color schemes: Anything and everything.

Accessories: Fanny packs, trumpets, La Croix.




Now that we’ve introduced you to some of the freshest looks on our side of the Cumberland, feel free to mix and match as you see fit. It’s clear that here at redpepper, we don’t abide by any particular dress code. We let our style express ourselves on our terms. Well, within reason that is....


Overall, the perks of free dress at redpepper are endless. Not only does dressing the way you please boost your creativity by allowing you to express yourself, but it also empowers you to be the real, true YOU at all times. What more could you ask for from an internship?


Allie Love, Operations intern, Dallas, TX