Saying YES to the redpepper Experience

Being an intern at redpepper is an amazing opportunity not only due to the people, the space, and the culture, but also because of the focus placed on personal growth. Active support of personal growth is one of the five core values at redpepper. The other four are: engage each other’s strengths and passions, provide creativity with provable benefits, appreciate that everyone is uniquely creative, and know that if we are not changing we are dying. We share these values with new clients and internally use them to guide the work we do for those clients from the beginning of a project through to the end. Our values are truly an ever-present mindset around redpepper that provide the basis of the agency’s success.

Ways to grow while applying these values in the work you do as an intern include, but are not limited to: meeting new people, trying new things, and taking on new challenges—all of which occur at redpepper daily.

The way to grow on purpose—and the key to getting the most out of your time here as an intern— is to say one word to anything thrown your direction and that word is yes.

Say yes to the agency
Get excited! You were picked to be an intern at an amazing, innovative agency. The first step is to accept the internship and show up on your first day ready to embrace the agency as a whole. Come through the doors, explore the cool space which promotes many modes of productivity, and know that you will be doing a lot of great work as a member of the redpepper team during your semester here.


Say yes to new redpeppers
Get to know your mentors. They are your main point of contact within the agency. They are there to support and teach you what they know while you shadow and help them. However, these are not the only people you should talk with… there are 40 redpeppers to connect with, learn from, and inspire you to be your best! So, reach out to everyone around the agency. Knowing all the makers, planners, and executives only makes your time here better. Ask if you can assist them and ask them what they do for redpepper to make it wonderful.


Say yes to new departments
Whether you are a production services, event, creative, marketing, or client services intern make yourself available to everyone. Your strengths can be utilized to help any department. Working across departments is an opportunity to try something outside of your comfort zone that may be rewarding while also being something you probably wouldn’t have done before.


Say yes to new tasks
An internship is all about doing new, professional things and trying out the “real world” while you are still in school.  Be sure to take on tasks that are exciting and challenging around redpepper that relate to what you want to do in the future.  It may be scary at first, but just go for it!


Say yes to new friendships
Not only do you get to meet all the full time redpeppers, but you get an automatic group of friends in the other interns.  Interns at redpepper are from all over the US and attend many different universities, so put aside your school rivalries and get ready for the best times with the coolest ‘terns around.  Whether it be walks to lunch around Germantown, nights in downtown Nashville, or just sitting working together in Wonderland- it’s great.  


Say yes to the extras
Go to the Sounds game with the redpeppers, join the book club, go to the sportsball games, join in on the happy hours, attend new business celebrations, and go to lunch with people.  These are all fun things that you can do with the people you work with so don’t miss out!


Say yes to HUSTLE & GROW!

Andie Tradler, Production Services intern, Bradenton, FL