The Rhythm of redpepper

redpepper is located right outside of downtown Music City, and the relationship between the two is deep. Many redpeppers play or are at least familiar with an instrument, and some more than one. No, we don’t sit around playing instruments at work, but we do host private concerts occasionally. One of my favorite features of redpepper is the constant music played out over the speakers in Wonderland. It’s background noise, for sure, but it creates an environment that is enjoyable to work in and conducive for producing new ideas or researching. As I thought through this post, it seemed only right, because we are in Nashville and because of how much I love music, to showcase the many departments and shared values of redpepper through songs. So sit back, relax and hit “play” here.

Work by Rihanna—This song encompasses the attitude of every redpepper to hustle. At redpepper, you’ll never see anyone with nothing to do. Every redpepper knows that they have a job to do and is not afraid to tackle it head-on, full-force, every single day. This song has a quick tempo and a strong rhythm, just like a typical day at redpepper. As soon as you walk in the doors at rp, you better be ready to work, work, work, work, work.


Just What I Needed by The Cars—Our new business team works double-time, all the time, to make sure that redpepper continues building relationships with top-notch clients. We believe in building mutually beneficial relationships, and friendships, with every client we work with. When our new business team scores the perfect client to make our dreams come true, we all agree that that client is just what we needed.


It Takes Two by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock—redpepper is an agency of teams. Any time a new client walks through our doors and into our hearts, we’ve got the perfect people to make their vision for their project a reality. From digital to user experience, we pull together a group of uniquely creative individuals to “make a thing go right.” It takes more than just two at redpepper, which ensures that we’re thinking outside of the box and working together in the most effective way possible.


Harder Better Faster Stronger by Daft Punk—One thing you can always count on at redpepper is an emphasis on growth. We’re goal setters, measuring real results and always taking time to seek improvements in our work and in our personal lives. We want our work to be stronger every single day as we learn from mistakes and successes alike.


Cheerleader by OMI—At redpepper, we use a communication platform called Slack. Basically, it is a way for all of us to communicate effortlessly among our individual teams and as a whole. One of our Slack channels is called “Appreciation Station,” because we know the impact that an encouraging word has on those around us. We even have a little neon lightning bolt in Wonderland that lights up whenever anyone is appreciated in the channel for their outstanding work or character (learn more here). We like to consider ourselves to be our coworkers’ biggest cheerleaders, no matter what. And we always have the biggest fan base at rp sportsball events (we’re very good)!


Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye—Our clients know that they will get the absolute best work from us, every time. No matter how tough the ask, redpepper always delivers. There just ain’t no mountain high enough to keep us from making sure our clients are thrilled when their project comes to a close.


No Sleep Till Brooklyn by Beastie Boys—Once a year, redpepper stays up all night to take the marketing initiatives of a handful of non-profits to the next level, free of charge. CreateAthon is a 24-hour blitz of creativity and passion, an opportunity for redpepper to bless the community of Middle Tennessee and have fun while doing it. But yeah, there’s definitely no sleep during CreateAthon.


Celebration by Kool & the Gang—redpeppers aren’t afraid to party. We love to celebrate success with each other. Though redpepper is dedicated to excellence, what we do is fun. We get to take people’s dreams for their companies and turn them into realities. We get to see brands go from barely visible to highly successful. We love what we do at redpepper, and as much time as we spend working, we love to celebrate as well.


The redpepper experience is dynamic, and just like many different genres of music, many different people call themselves, with pride, redpeppers. That’s what makes redpepper so special—it places such a high emphasis on culture that you really can’t walk away from time as a redpepper unchanged. As long as you stay in tune, you’ll find that being a redpepper is bound to be your forte.

I’m so sorry for the terrible puns.


Abbye Rhodes, Client Services Intern, Knoxville, TN