Why redpeppers are like red peppers

redpeppers. Red peppers. You said those with different inflections, didn’t you? Besides the fact that red peppers are veggies and redpepper is an advertising agency, there are some pretty interesting similarities between the two. Are you ready to have your mind blown?

Do Not Tolerate Cold
Red peppers are summer plants. They thrive in the sun and warmth, and shrivel up and die in the cold. They just can’t handle it! redpepper employees could be considered summer personalities. They thrive in warm, inviting, and open environments. Their creativity and passion knows no bounds when surrounded by like-minded individuals. Coldness, unfriendliness, and a stormy disposition equals sadness and let’s be real, it’s hard to work with unhappy people. We want ideas and ambition to thrive, not shrivel up and die.

How many plates can you think of that have red peppers in them? How many different ways can you think of preparing red peppers? The possibilities are endless. Whether chopped, sauteed, baked, spiced, or plain, red peppers are pretty delicious no matter how you cook ‘em. The same can be said for redpepper employees. Whether they’re thinking up ingenious marketing plans, whipping together some killer copy, or brainstorming the next national campaign, you could say redpeppers do it all.

Nutritional Content Increases with Age
As the red pepper matures, their sugar and nutritional content increases. redpepper employees are no different. The environment at redpepper fosters personal growth and creativity, and it’s hard to be here and not feel the culture pulsing off the walls. Everyone buys into the culture and the collaboration between departments and individuals is pretty inspiring. It’s safe to say that the longer you’re here, the more you grow.

And now that you’re acquainted with the best qualities of redpepper, here’s a great recipe you can make:

redpepper goulash delight

1 dashing smile
3 tbs confidence
The lenses of Chrimmons’ spectacles, ground
One lock of Winnie fur
4 cups coffee
2 instances of hustle

Preheat oven to 350℉

Combine 1 dashing smile, Chrimmons’ lenses, and 4 cups coffee into medium mixing bowl, whisk thoroughly for 3 minutes. Put to side.

Sprinkle confidence and hustle along bottom of pan. Pour mixture on top, spreading evenly. Place in oven. After goulash has baked, let sit for 20 mins or until cooled. Sprinkle Winnie fur on top for garnish.


McKenzie Dorris, Design intern, Metropolis, IL