Are You Growing or Dying?

As redpepper interns, my teammates and I were tasked with creating a photo for our website that accurately depicts what being an intern is like. The goal was to add our own spin on the website and create something that acknowledged the company culture. At the start of our intern project I was intimidated. A room full of talented, well-spoken individuals with creative ideas. How was I going to contribute to the process of concepting these cover photo ideas in a room full of such capability and promise? We began to brainstorm on what we could do to be different and innovative, yet still refined enough to post on our website. There was an outpouring of ideas, and before we knew it, we had concepted 3 great directions we could act on. I have to admit, I didn’t feel that I had added much to the ideas by the end.

Over the next couple of weeks, our group began to grow closer and get to know each other. We slowly formed a team that knew how to work with each other and produce results for any task that was assigned to us. The time for us to begin producing the  website cover photo came and it all went smoothly. We were able to count on each other’s skills and abilities without hesitation. If someone said they would get it done, no one questioned them.

As a client services intern, most of what I work on from a day to day standpoint is making sure that the work redpepper is creating goes well with what the client is imagining. So, naturally, I didn’t have a whole lot to add about the project from a photography aspect. Most of what I could help with were general tasks like looking up similar concepts, comparing other intern sites, or sometimes just organizing notes. I worked under this role for most of the experience and it was all going well.

That is, until we needed to present our ideas.

I had started working on our keynote presentation when, suddenly, someone asked who was going to present. I offered up my services thinking someone else would eventually say that they could do it instead and I wouldn’t have to. This moment never happened and I eventually realized that I was going to have to present a portion of the concepts. Public speaking and presenting ideas has never been my strong suit and all of a sudden I was speaking for a whole group of interns. The same interns that I was so impressed with just a few weeks back.

I had helped to create the presentation so it only made sense that I take part in presenting it, yet I still felt massively unprepared to do so. We started presenting our photo concepts and as I looked around at my teammates I realized that this wasn’t a big deal at all. My team trusted me to do my assignment because they knew that I was capable of completing it. It was a terrific learning experience for me and is a moment that I will always look back on as a moment of growth.

This internship has encouraged me to ask myself a difficult question, “Are you truly growing as a person?” Sometimes we get stuck on the day to day grind of just getting the job done and that isn’t something that fosters success. Not pushing yourself to improve in your professional and personal life can severely inhibit your ability to perform. That’s why one of my favorite core values that redpepper holds is, “If we aren’t changing we’re dying.”  As someone who has recently graduated college, I was looking for growth in my next endeavor and I couldn’t have asked for a better agency to do so with.


Maclain Myers, Client Services intern, Nashville, TN