5 Things I wish I knew before starting at redpepper

Before starting here at redpepper there are some things I wish I had known. I’ve created a list of things to help you make your first week one you won’t forget. Read other blog posts as well and learn as much as you can.

1. Dress casual, comfortable, but still professional
On your first day, you’ll want to dress to impress. However, you’ll soon discover that the dress code at redpepper doesn’t exist. If you ride a bike to work and have to wear athletic gear every day, no one cares. redpepper is far from corporate—so you can leave your suit and tie in the closet for the semester.

2. Coffee & Questions - go to every one. View them as great opportunities to learn and ask questions about other departments
You’ll be interning in one of redpepper’s many departments, but you may find that you have questions about some of the others. As part of the intern program, redpepper has set up blocks of time for each of the department heads to come and speak with all of the interns and answer any questions that the interns may have about what they do. It’s a great way to meet people who are excellent at their jobs, learn more about how an agency operates, and maybe you will learn that you are interested in a department you never thought you would be. Go to every one. View them as great opportunities to learn and ask questions. Before you go, set aside time to write down some questions you might have! They love curiosity and talking about what they love about their jobs. It also keeps you engaged and helps you learn.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
The first couple of days you might feel a little awkward or out of place. It’s a new environment with new people, and they’re all amazing. Once you get past the awkward stage, open yourself up and ask questions! Everyone here was where you are at one point and they want to see you grow.

4. Go to as many meetings as possible - rp is all about growth. Learning everything you can is key to growth
rp is very transparent with everything they do. Ask your manager if you can sit on a meeting or on a call; they’ll usually say yes. The benefit to going to meetings is getting to watch people who are excellent at their jobs do excellent work. redpepper is a very successful agency because of the smart, successful people who run it. You’re only here for a short time and it goes fast, so make the most of it.

5. You’ll want to try and bring your lunch everyday but you’ll probably end up just going out with fellow interns.
It’s not easy waking up a little earlier to make yourself lunch. At the beginning of the semester, you’ll probably do it and feel stoked about it. But as soon as one of the other interns at work mentions one of the many delicious restaurants around redpepper, your homemade lunch in the fridge sounds much less appetizing. Before you know it, you’ll be sitting at Five Points Pizza with the other interns, your lunch at redpepper completely forgotten. If you can manage to fight the temptation to go to Little Donkey, Lulu, Juice Bar or the Farmer’s Market, bringing your lunch is a great idea. If not, welcome to the club.

During my time at redpepper I have met incredible people and learned from best in the business. I’ve learned to ask purposeful questions, actively seek growth, and embrace learning. Being in Nashville with great people and a phenomenal internship has made up one amazing summer.

AJ Cooper, rp Marketing intern, Tampa, FL