What Makes the Video Internship Unforgettable

Several months ago I was scouring the internet in search of a place in which to grow my skills in marketing and videography. I perused site after site looking for a place that would be an ideal fit, until I finally came upon redpepper. I applied and was hired on as a summer intern in the video department. I came in my first day nervous and energized thinking about what this position would have for me. These are the most valuable take-aways as a redpepper video intern.

Creative Expression
At redpepper we value everyone’s unique creativity. The video internship allowed me to imagine and create to my heart's content. During video shoots I was encouraged to try new angles and challenged to see things from different perspectives to tell unique stories. My mentor gave me the freedom to explore new ideas and the independence to execute projects on my own if I wanted. This internship is the perfect dose of free expression and creative guidance.


I was able to collaborate with my fellow interns to create media content for the intern website. We sat down and came up with a number of ideas for photos and videos we could create. We then executed our ideas and had a blast doing it. Working together allowed us to bring different people’s ideas together and create something entirely new.


Each day as a video intern is like a box of chocolates, you never know whatcha gonna get. This position requires a lot of adaptability and is never boring. On any given day you might be editing, recording video, setting up equipment, taking photos or storyboarding an upcoming video. Depending on your interests you can also involve yourselves in the whatever project or department you are interested in. You get the opportunity to wear a lot of hats and become a pro in a variety of areas.


Big Al’s
During my first couple weeks the video team took me out to breakfast at a diner in Germantown called Big Al’s. It is an amazing hole in the wall restaurant that really wakes you up in the morning. It was here that I had great conversations with my mentors about my career goals and initiatives I could take to improve my skills in videography while at redpepper. This place opened my eyes to how much effort redpepper puts into making your intern experience valuable and enjoyable.


Rock Climbing
redpepper is a relational company and the employees are eager to make friends and interact with the interns. It’s employees are also very health conscious and stay active. Combining these two passions the video team took time to go rock climbing together. We worked out our muscles and racing up different routes and belaying each other. This internship allowed me to make great connections and new friendships.

As a redpepper video intern you have the opportunity to make new friends, hone your videography skills, and participate in work for large clientele. The experiences are unforgettable, the work is engaging and the people are inspiring. Take the leap to be a redpepper intern, you will never regret it.


Craig Thompson, Video intern, Carmel, IN