An Intern’s Reflection

(as told by 3 of her all-time favorite memes)

1. When you realize you’ve participated in a brainstorm session, conducted research on a company’s value proposition, customers & its competitors, drank 3 cups of coffee, sketched out a moodboard for your intern campaign, and pet 4 dogs, all before the clock strikes 12pm on a typical workday.


As an intern, you’re encouraged, if not expected, to take initiative and contribute in any way possible. Being proactive and seeking out opportunities are highly effective ways to get involved, meet other employees, and expose yourself to the inner workings of a creative agency. On a daily basis, interns are also given the autonomy to apply their own unique creativity to their role and mold their internship into exactly what they want it to be. One of the best decisions I’ve made thus far during my internship has been reaching out to and getting to know individuals such as Nate, our creative strategist, Caroline, our Director of Production Services, and Bri, our Senior Art Director. The “open-door” policy here at redpepper is palpable, and something that I’ve never experienced during any other internship before.

2. When you realize how much of a privilege it is to be an intern at a company like redpepper, where they genuinely invest in their interns’ personal and professional growth, whether that is through coffee chats with the CEO, company-wide Escape Room competitions and opportunities to attend speaker events with thought leaders in the industry, such as Spotify’s Head of Artist & Label Marketing.


In addition to everything I mentioned above, no other type of internship offers an opportunity for all of the interns to get to sit in the plushest of sofas in a small room with redpepper’s CEO and ask him anything we want. One of the most memorable and inspiring days I’ve had at redpepper was the day we got to do just that. Tim, our CEO, was transparent and honest, sharing with us his personal challenges in the past as well as giving us book recommendations, tips and advice that we will all take with us moving forward. What will stick with me most from that discussion with Tim was something he said to us towards the end: “Don’t do what you love. Love what you do.”

3. When you realize that although the internship is a mere 12 weeks, it will be an internship on steroids - an opportunity for you to grow, to be inspired, and to leave your mark, as well as to allow redpepper to leave its mark on you.


Whether it is through the inspirational, and often, thought-provoking redbits at our alignment meetings or our company-wide 30-day growth challenge, one thing that redpepper does best is not simply talking-the-talk when it comes to instilling a growth mindset in its employees, but actually walking-the-walk. It is incredible to me to see the ways redpepper as a company cares about each of its employees. The leadership team invests in its people, and in return, redpepper’s employees are given the tools necessary to excel in the work that they do for their clients, making it an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone.

For me, it’s the little things about redpepper that I will miss most after I leave, such as hearing the occasional uproar of laughter coming from the kitchen at nine in the morning, indulging in my obsession with redpepper’s homemade coffee, or seeing Tim and Stella, his golden retriever, sprint around the hallway, screaming and laughing. I am so grateful to redpepper for letting me be a part of their quirky, fun and uplifting community, and will take with me invaluable life-lessons and learnings from my time here moving forward.

Ruth Cho, rp Marketing Intern