redpepper's Core Values: As Told by rp Pups

As you may have heard, redpepper has 5 core values that we live and die by. You ALSO may have heard that redpepper allows its employees to bring their furry friends to the office. Since our core values and our doggos are such a huge part of our culture, I thought, why not explain these values THROUGH descriptions of the rp dogs.


1. We actively support personal growth: redpepper is a company that constantly pushes our people (and our puppers) to grow. Here we have Stella, the boss dog belonging to Tim, our CEO. Stella thrives as she wiggles through chairs and noses up to every person she can find, looking for pets from her adoring fans. Of course, all of us oblige. Stella is personally fulfilled and her love for pets grows because of the support that she feels from the hands around her. In the same way that Stella is supported, redpepper supports its employees as everyone moves along a journey of personal growth that is meaningful to them. It looks different for each of us—it can involve maintaining physical health, improving mental health, developing a new skill, and so much more. redpepper pushes its people to constantly grow and provides that space to grow and to feel the support of the entire company, just like how we support Stella in her search for pets.


2. We engage each others’ strengths and passions: This company is very invested in ensuring that each individual’s strengths and passions are being used and celebrated, just like we do for Tucker. Tucker LOVES when you play with him. He is an active doggo, and he wants to get better at fetching toys.  He runs up to you, toy in mouth, ready to show you what he’s got. Naturally, the interns especially love engaging this passion of Tucker’s, and we spend as much time as his attention span will allow tossing the toy and telling him how good of a boy he is. I believe that rp’s employees feel like Tucker. We are constantly engaged in ways that are meaningful to each of us, allowing us to grow our strengths and passions. If something is important to one of our people, like fetching toys, for example, redpepper will provide opportunities to become stronger in that passion area.


3. We provide creativity with provable benefits: At rp, we clearly value creativity, but we also provide that creativity by incentivizing our people to constantly be creative. Cyrus here is a great example of that. Cyrus is quite creative, especially with his sleeping patterns, and that is because redpepper provides him with that space to be so creative. Sometimes he sleeps on the floor next to the interns, sometimes he curls up on a pillow, and sometimes he finds a cozy office chair. Either way, Cyrus is definitely getting the benefit of some extra zzzs. All of our people at redpepper are creative in very different ways, and the agency makes sure to provide that space in which our people can flex that creativity. We reward creativity and innovative solutions to problems by celebrating those creative moments that we see each and every day.  


4. If we aren’t changing, we’re dying: At redpepper, we want to be constantly changing with the world around us in order to best support our people and our clients. Here are two pictures of Loki. CLEARLY, we see some massive change here. Loki went from a tiny puppy to a huge doggo. He changed, but this change is a great thing. Loki can now run to his adoring fans faster, he can jump up higher to lick faces, and he can provide more body mass for snuggles. This is exactly how redpepper supports and encourages change. We want to see our employees and our company change and grow with the times. By doing so, we will be prepared to take on shifts in the market that could affect our agency and our clients. By changing, we are improving as people and as a company. We want to adapt to new surroundings and always change to make ourselves better, just like Loki changed to the big lover boy that he is now.


5. We believe everyone is uniquely creative: Here at redpepper, we love when our people (and our dogs) are different and provide a unique type of creativity, just like Basil here. Basil is a very unique pupper. She was a resident of the Humane Society in Nashville. Basil was such a great dog that she was chosen to be “pet of the week,” which led Ily (her owner) right to her. This sweet girl emulates the creative spirit of redpepper. As you can tell by our website, our photos, and pretty much everything about us, we are a firm full of creative individuals. We understand that everyone is creative in their own way, and we love harnessing that creativity to improve our firm and to improve everyone around us. Each individual’s creativity brings something new to the table, just like Basil’s story makes her a very special pup.

Simmons deHoll, Client Services Intern