5 things you’ll learn your first week as a redpepper intern

1.     Step outside your comfort zone.
At redpepper, your internship encompasses more than your assigned role. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean you’ll be doing coffee runs; however, you will be expected to try new things. As a design intern, I initially thought that I would be given work to design, and that would be it. While I’ve done plenty of that, I’ve also helped with brainstorming sessions, sat in on client workshops, and participated in client phone calls. You’ll soon learn that at redpepper, job descriptions are not restricted to one task, and you’ll step outside your comfort zone to get a wide range of experiences through this internship.


2.     Have more mentors than the ones you were assigned.
Every intern is assigned one or two mentors, and they are your first point of contact when you get to work. You’ll form amazing relationships with your mentors as they tell you stories, show you their past work, and give you exciting projects. You’re going to love your mentors, but they aren’t the only people who will give you work. Every day, the other redpeppers request that interns do various tasks, ranging from setting up a room for a meeting, to designing project briefs for new clients. Have more “mentors” than the ones you were assigned, and form relationships with the other redpeppers, to both expand your network and make new friends!


3.     Ask as many questions as you need.
Odds are, you’ve never worked in an advertising agency before this internship. And if you have, I bet this is your first time working at redpepper. On your first day you’ll probably feel a little overwhelmed. Being given tasks while a team is mid-project is not easy, and to do a good job you’ll need to ask questions in order to have a full understanding about what you’re doing. I promise, you’re never going to be judged or criticized; the whole point of an internship is to learn, and how can you properly learn without asking questions? No one expects you to be a seasoned designer, marketing expert, production wizard, etc. on your first day. Take this opportunity to learn as much as you can and ask as many questions as you need.


4.     Be a team player.
At the beginning of your internship, you’ll take a quiz to see your DiSC profile; this is essentially a personality quiz that shows you how you work, think, and interact with others. Read and understand your profile, because no matter how introverted or extroverted you are, it is important to know the best way to express your thoughts and opinions. This is important in this internship, because you’ll rarely be working on anything alone. And even if you are, you’re definitely going to get someone else’s feedback. Your DiSC profile is a great starting point for being a team player.


5.     Make the most of it.
This internship will be what you make of it. Of course, you’ll have guidance and help throughout the process, but it’s on you to reach out for additional work to do, to attend meetings, and to get things done by their deadlines. This internship is an opportunity for you to prove to both redpepper and yourself that you can be counted on, and that you are a true professional. So, make the most of this experience. Work your butt off, make memories, and have a blast.

Sarah Nagy, Design Services intern, Winston-Salem, NC