redpepper : as told through popular 90’s TV shows

Working as an intern at redpepper has been an incredibly memorable experience. From the bountiful cups of coffee, to the plethora of dogs, to the overall aesthetic, there is an incredible amount of inspiration that seeps through every crevice of the space. There are mentors, and now friends, around every corner—and they are more than willing to answer questions, prompt creativity, and give you a helping hand whenever you need it. In order to further demonstrate just a few of the things that I have grown to love about redpepper, here are a few snippets from some classic 90’s TV shows. Hopefully these will help you understand why, if given the opportunity, you should take the chance to be a redpepper intern. Enjoy!

1. Let’s start with the space
“Wow” is honestly the best way to describe redpepper. As soon as you walk in, you can see that creativity thrives here. From the bright splashes of red on the walls throughout the building, to the string lights in Wonderland Cafe, to the lack of cubicles, this place immediately gives off the creative vibe that innovators crave. redpepper screams “We’re really cool & we make really cool stuff!” and that’s evident to everyone who walks in the door.


2. Two Words: THE. COFFEE.
Similar to this classic scene from “Friends”, once you walk up the stairs and smell the fresh coffee brewing on a Monday morning at redpepper, you’ll be fighting to be first in line, pushing anyone and everyone out of the way for a taste of cold brew. No matter the time, the day, nor the occasion, redpepper continuously has coffee brewed for anyone and everyone. With various different brews, you can easily find which one fits your mood, and lets you get your best work done.

3. The People
Let me tell you about the people at redpepper: they are INCREDIBLE. As an intern, it can be really scary when you come into a really cool company like this, not really knowing what to expect. We’re still in college, therefore, we’re still learning about the industry and how it works, so sometimes being around professionals can be really intimidating. However, redpeppers are professional, yet personable. They remember how it was to be an intern, and always appreciate and anticipate any questions an intern could have. Take advantage of it!


4. The Push for Growth
Personal growth at redpepper is one of the foundations of the business, and while there isn’t a literal push, like the one pictured, personal growth is strongly encouraged. Honestly, it’s hard NOT to grow being a part of redpepper, since you learn so many new things every single day—one of the five core values of redpepper literally states, “we actively support personal growth.” This along with the other four core values of this company equally support the purpose of a push towards personal and professional growth.


5. Last but Certainly not Least: The Dogs
My favorite thing about redpepper? It’s bring your dog to work day every day. Working in such a pet-friendly environment helps reduce stress, and while redpepper itself is already a fun place to work, adding a dog in the mix and you have the BEST work environment ever.


My time at redpepper has definitely been well spent, and I want to encourage any future interns who are considering this internship to by all means go for it! You will learn more than you know at this incredible place, and make connections that you’ll never forget.

Maggie Robinson, Space and Events intern, Murfreesboro, TN