A Marketing Intern's Day in the Life: Told by Tobias Fünke

I arrive at work, it’s 9:55 and I feel so well rested. It’s a scorcher but I’m equipt in my long jeans and plush sweater to combat the work-mode temperature I can count on when I enter the building. Which plus chair will I sit in today? Which brew of rp roast will I make? Who will blow my mind with their experience and ideas? My mind wanders as I enter the building before I am greeted by a few interns at the long table in the lobby. I head upstairs and into Alyssa’s office, she smiles and gives me my instructions for the day, effortlessly helping me in the midst of the million other projects she has going on. I’m inspired and ready to conquer the day.


As usual I just can’t get the hang of my google calendar, but a smile and nod towards the team room from the other marketing interns remind me that it’s time for our weekly marketing meeting. The meeting begins as we discuss our objectives for the week and how to best execute them as a team. As usual, the meeting goes the full hour, as we pick Samara’s brain for all of her knowledge until the last minute—leaving knowing something brand new.


It’s noon. I’m sitting on a comfy in the library working on a tankfill (rp research) when an overwhelmingly wonderful scent begins to waft in. I look to our Client Services Intern Carly who shrugs, as good smells are just about daily in Wonderland. I poke my head out of the library and casually walk into the cafe, pretending to grab a glass of water and see what everyone’s up to. I hover over the mouthwatering Zoe’s spread for one second too long when Meredith calls out “I’ll slack you when there are leftovers!” So much for flying under the radar.


I’ve finished lunch at the Red Bicycle, my favorite spot in Germantown to grab a crepe and coffee--I’m ready for work mode. I sit down on the green and set my intentions. I want to write a pinkgold (an rp summary), work on ideas for our growth wall (an installation in our space), and get a firm grasp on my final intern project. With all of the areas to work, and the creative minds surrounding me, I easily sink into the projects feeling like a real professional.


I hear my timer go off: I’ve successfully completed my two hours of zoning (working without distraction). I slack my completed work to Alyssa and Samara, excited to get their feedback on the progress I’ve made. I head to wonderland ready to stuff my face with pita bread as a reward for my accomplishment; however, when I turn the corner, I am devastated. The pita bread is gone and sitting happily in the stomach of the 13 other interns.


After solving the pita bread debacle with a satisfying bag of pretzel chips thanks to the Events and Spaces Interns, I’m ready to meet with our Marketing Apprentice, Jesse. Today we are working on a creative project that will be made into deliverables for clients. We brainstorm for the first half hour, bouncing ideas off of each other, when all of a sudden it hits us, we have our lightbulb moment. We work for half an hour more coming up with alternatives, always wanting to provide the team with options. When we finish we smile at each other, feeling confident. The ideas are FIRE.


It’s time to head home for the day. I pack up my backpack and say goodbye to my coworkers and the collection of dogs roaming around the office. I feel exhausted but accomplished and happy with the work I produced today. After a day at redpepper the feeling’s always the same. NOTHING can effectively hide my thunder.


Adelaide Owens, rp Marketing intern