One of the coolest things about the redpepper space is that it was specifically designed to support the five main work modes: collaborate, focus, socialize, and learn. Different areas in our space pertain to these different work modes. Since people tend to cycle through several modes per day, you’ll find lots of redpeppers scattered throughout these areas at any given time. 

Collaboration involves working with another person or group to reach a goal. We love collaboration here at redpepper, so we have lots of areas in the space dedicated to this work mode, such as our team rooms, creative pit, and round table on the first floor. 

Things to do in a collaboration area: bounce ideas off of your coworkers, sync up with your supervisors, work on your intern campaign, sit in on a client meeting

Learning is the process of acquiring new knowledge through education or experience. At redpepper, we believe that learning is central to what we do. We’ve got a pretty neat library that’s stacked with tons of inspirational books. We also have a tech savvy garage filled with the latest gadgets and inventions. Our three main conference rooms are learning areas as well.

Things to do in a learning area: read a book, check out the latest rp reads list, test out some cool new innovations in the garage, research stuff you’re interested in, listen to a motivational podcast, attend a coffee & questions)

Focusing is all about individual work and concentrating on a particular task for a period of time. redpepper has dedicated time blocks for this work mode built into our weekly calendar called Zone Time. During Zone Time, we put our heads down and get lots of stuff done. We have specific rooms for zoning, which makes it easier to focus. Workstations (because cubicles are so last year) are a focus area, too.

Things to do in a focus area: get sh*t done, check stuff off of your to-do list, kick procrastination in the butt, tankfill

Here at redpepper, we define socializing as interactions that create trust, common bonds, and productive relationships. Although this work mode occurs all over the space, our main area for socializing is Wonderland. Grab a coffee and chat with a coworker -- you never know what you might learn about someone.

Things to do in a socialization area: eat your lunch, get to know other redpeppers, share memes, drink coffee, talk about things as shallow as the weather and as deep as the meaning of life

Last but not least is rejuvenation. These areas are meant to refresh our minds and help us to hit the reset button. The green and the ping pong table are both considered rejuvenation areas, because here, we can put our work aside and revitalize our energy through fun/games or relaxation.

Things to do in a rejuvenation area: play darts, challenge your coworkers to a heated ping pong tournament, try to beat your latest score in the Bimini ring game, practice your golf putt, pet dogs

As you can see, there’s an area for pretty much anything at redpepper. Whether you’re working hard on a client project, getting to know a coworker, or petting one of our office dogs, you’ll find a dedicated space for it. Having these areas allow us to reach our full work potential, because every mode is essential for our productivity.