You’ve just landed the internship. Metaphorically, you’ve just jumped in the Mystery Machine with the gang. You’ve replaced Scrappy Doo as the official sixth member. You’re along for the ride to solve mysteries and eat as many Scooby Snacks as possible. Maybe I’m just nostalgic for the 90s, but in my opinion the team here at redpepper could be broken down into the lovable and groovy crime-solving crew known as Mystery Inc. 


The title character - the adorable pooch that keeps the gang on their toes and always in a good mood. You’ll find Scooby on the green making friends. Whether it’s ZuZu chasing a golf ball, or Tucker jumping three feet in the air, you’re sure to create some bonds with the office animals. There is no lack of friendly pup energy around this office.



Remember when I mentioned Scooby Snacks earlier? Shaggy’s got that covered. When the clock strikes noon he’s out in Wonderland (think of like an elevated break room equipped with a never-ending coffee supply). Everyone at redpepper values a good meal, and food always brings people together. Join the team in Wonderland or offsite (I probably ate at Vui’s once a week). You’ll start to know everyone more than just by their name, you’ll know them by their lunch order… and you are what you eat right?



Jinkies! You’ve just struck pink gold. Here at rp that means you’ve made an impactful discovery. Velma is the researcher of the gang. She’s the first to offer insightful information and connect the clues that lead to that highly anticipated unmasking of the villian. Velma’s curious nature has her in the library most of the time. peppers past and present have filled the library with their favorite reads, so find some time to check them out.



Even as work hours come to an end, Daphne is in Wonderland or slacking the gang to find out who’s coming to trivia night. Some view work as completely separate from play, but here at rp I’ve created so many friends out of coworkers. Being open to new experiences and going to work functions after-hours is a sure fire way to make the most out of your time at rp. 



As much fun as it is hanging out in Wonderland and tank filling with the gang, personal growth time and reflection is just as important. Fred spends valuable time in the zone rooms in order to fully grasp his strengths and hone in on what makes him a valuable part of the pepper team. Zone time is your chance to find clues through research, reading, or creating.