You’ve just finished your internship search and you’ve landed here. Maybe you’re extremely confident and looking forward to the next few months as a redpepper intern—which is awesome, but maybe you’re also nervous. Maybe you don’t know what to expect. I know I didn’t. I was moving across the country to take this position and naturally, I couldn’t help but second guess whether or not I made the right decision before I walked into redpepper on my first day. 

Luckily, I am here to tell you to take comfort in the fact that you have made the right choice. I could go on about the knowledge I’ve gained, the career opportunities I’ve had, and the contributions I’ve been able to make as an intern—but I’ll leave that for you to experience. I’m going to share answers to the questions that might not make or break your decision, but the things you’ve definitely been wondering about. 

The Interns

Obviously, you’re not going to pick an internship based on the other interns. But, it’s natural to wonder what they’re going to be like and if you’ll fit in. Before even moving to Nashville for my summer internship I was put in contact with the other interns and we were connecting via social media and group chats. This helped to calm my nerves before the first day because I felt like I already knew them! Still, walking in on the first day was intimidating. However, from the moment I stepped inside redpepper I was thrilled to learn that not only were the other interns like-minded, but so were the employees. This made for an easy transition into the company and created an awesome friend group for the summer. 

The Neighborhood

You may be very familiar with Nashville, TN—or maybe you’re like me and you had only visited once or twice before committing to relocating for a three-month internship. Either way, you could be wondering, “what is there to do nearby?” redpepper is in Germantown, a small, lively Nashville neighborhood. There are plenty of places to get food within walking distance of redpepper—great for grabbing lunch with another intern. Not to mention, there’s an endless amount of happy hour deals nearby. However, my favorite perk is the fact that redpepper is neighbors with First Tennessee Park—AKA Sounds Stadium. The Sounds is Nashville’s Minor League Baseball team and Friday night games feature fireworks. 

The Size

At first I worried about what it would be like to work at a smaller company and if I would like it. But to my surprise, I’ve found lots of benefits to having a close-knit community in the workplace. As an intern, I feel like my ideas are not only heard, but encouraged to be shared. Additionally, you get to work with people in all different departments. This is great as an intern, especially if you’re unsure of what career path you want to take. Not to mention you get the opportunity to know senior-level employees on a personal level—meeting with the CEO on my first day? I’ll take it!

Kayla Eversen, rp Marketing Intern