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JUST DO IT: 11 Shia LaBeouf Quotes that explain how I got here and my experience at redpepper

My name is Sarah and I have been interning at redpepper for about 2 weeks. My intern field is technically accounting, but I will never turn someone down if they need an extra hand (or want to show off their skills: I’d gladly learn about all the departments here). I’m not the strongest at writing, so I’d rather have Shia LaBeouf do it (no pun intended…just kidding, pun intended).  

1. “You guys ever watch that video of the double rainbow?”

That’s what interning at redpepper is like. 


2. “I turned down a scholarship to Yale. The problem with college is that there's a tendency to mistake preparation for productivity. You can prepare all you want, but if you never roll the dice you'll never be successful.” 

I guess you would say I took a step into the unknown world of advertising. The only relevant advertising experience was binge watching Mad Men. I’m open to new adventures and well; this company exceeded my expectations of interning at an advertising company (not to mention there’s way less drama). I’m always surprised when a company takes a hands-on approach towards interns. redpepper doesn’t have anyone do ‘busy’ work like getting everyone coffee or sitting in a room like they want to forget about you. I feel like I’m actually doing substantial activities already (and know I’ll just be getting busier).  I love their approach of making sure interns can leave with some experience and new knowledge in a friendly environment with people wanting to help you learn new skills. I always say college helps improve the basic knowledge, but interning improves your skillset with hands-on experience.  

Side note: I did not turn down a scholarship to Yale to be here; I never applied because I didn’t want to break their hearts from rejecting them… 

3. “I'm willing to do anything and everything. It's not good for my personal life. But neither is being bad. I'd rather be anything but bad.”

Lucky for me, my personal life wasn’t that happening to begin with. If anything it’s improved because so many inspiring people surround me. 

4. “This is a dream. At first, it was just fun, and a great way to pay the rent, but I gradually realized that there's an art to this, and if I try, I can do it well.”

Having a double major in Music Business and Accounting, I first felt interning here was a random move in my life. However, I think the company itself is the main component to connect with when interning. This “chemistry” with the company helps motivate me to do the best I can do (not to mention rp makes careers in advertising and brandling development look like the best career ever!). They embody the same core values that I try to follow myself especially actively supporting personal growth and if we aren’t changing, were dying. I don’t have a “dream job” like most; rather I have “a job with my dream team (company).” rp definitely has a “dream team” status in my book. 


5. “I have a hard time with free time.”

And what a great way to spend my ‘free time’ outside of school, being surrounded by creative, innovative and intelligent people! 

6. “Everybody's got stories. I don't want to not have stories.”
I like to take opportunities when I come across them, and not rule out any future possibilities. I’m not much of a “techy” (surprising being from Silicon Valley…) but what a better place to dip my feet in and get a feel for things I’ve wanted to learn about. 

7. “Some People Dream Of Success, While You’re Gonna Wake Up And Work Hard At It.”

Plus eat a free banana in the café. 

8. “I can't tell you how many hot dogs I've eaten in my life.

I’m a vegetarian and I still can’t. 

9. “Another one of those days where you think ‘sh**, I’ve done nothing today’”

Well, this one describes some pre-redpepper days. Now it’s more like “What do you mean it’s Sunday and I have nothing to do!?!”

10. “Copying isn't particularly creative work. Being inspired by someone else's idea to produce something new and different IS creative work.”

The collaboration between everyone is fantastic. It seems like whenever I go in, all the tables and chairs have moved into different positions. I’d think I was in an episode of The Twilight Zone if I interned anywhere else.  

11. “Do It. Just Do It.”

And am I glad I did. 

Sarah Raisian, San Jose, CA, Accounting Intern



redpepper: it just makes sense


redpepper: it just makes sense

As a recent college graduate, the past few months my mind has been overwhelmed with thoughts about occupations, finances, bills, and the overall abundant responsibility of being an “adult.” You strut out of college, degree in hand, feeling fresh and accomplished, and then reality comes crashing down on you, hard. Suddenly, societal norms compel you to find a respectable career whilst sustaining yourself completely (likely for the first time…) The worst part is, that a respectable career does not necessarily suggest an enjoyable career, and for some bogus reason, most people have willingly come to terms with that. 

This apparent notion blew my mind. I had friends taking mundane  desk jobs, selling their souls to a 6 by 6 cubicle and pretending to be excited about it— simply because it was a job. “Work is work,” “Well ya know, they don’t call it work for nothin’…” I whole-heartedly disagree. Work is your life. We’re talkin’ 9:00 to 5:00, five days a week. I was the strongest advocate of really enjoying those 40 hours that I knew of stepping out of school and that was frightening…until I found redpepper.

At redpepper, work is enjoyable. In fact, let’s rename “work” and call it “happy,” “good,” or “fun.” Productivity comes from enjoying what you do and believing in the way you accomplish it; the people at redpepper understand that. They work hard, and know that the desire to work diligently comes from a love of your environment and those around you. The office in and of itself facilitates positive energy and a strong work ethic. Everything is intentional and strategic, down to the wall surfaces of team rooms and the appropriate hours to play a calm Spotify playlist versus one with the latest trending pop songs. As a part of the on-boarding process, each employee and intern is made aware of his or her DiSC personality type immediately, bringing a deeper appreciation and efficiency to the manner in which each person “does his thing.” They care, a lot; and they think about everything. It is no surprise to me that redpepper is a wildly successful marketing agency in that regard. It just makes sense. It’s a unique selection of talented, brilliant individuals who like what they’re doing, who they’re with, and how they do it. They want to be here. Each individual’s personality fits his or her position and promotes business wide efficiency. Appropriate placement in an office like this reaps beautiful rewards; you can’t put a fish out of water and expect it to be happy. Those who work at redpepper are in their respective departments based on how they work on an internal level, which makes for a well-organized professional environment, and happy, fulfilled employees. Once again, it is so intentional. And from an intern’s perspective, I was able to soak that up in a duration of about two days. 


This uniquely brilliant business gives me newfound hope about adult life. You should absolutely like what you do, and not settle for the assumed lackluster path of so-called “success.” Rather find some place where you enjoy what you’re doing, where you are, and how you’re doing it. It promotes self-worth and gives you motivation to constantly improve yourself, something I am repeatedly reminded of as an intern at redpepper. I, for one, am just elated to have been able to experience such an environment. I undoubtedly will never forget it nor settle for less in the future. Kudos, redpepper, you have sold me. 


Mia Dilworth, Studio Group Intern, Chattanooga, TN