Aaron Chasan rp Marketing // Fall 2015

Aaron Chasan

rp Marketing // Fall 2015

What did you do after your internship?

I'm interning in London in conjunction with class at a thinktank called the Institute of Economic Affairs, and interning at a place called tastytrade (which also doesn't capitalize its name) in Chicago over the summer, and going back to Vandy for senior year next fall.


What are you doing now? What's a day in the life?

In London, putting vinegar on my "chips," saying things like "cheers" and "smashing" like Austin Powers would, and traveling Europe because I'm ~abroad~.


Did redpepper help in your personal growth (during or after your internship)? How so?

Yup, my creative process improved tremendously.


Did you learn anything at rp that you've applied to your career path(s)? Anything surprising or unexpected?

Some project management skills along with general ability to communicate (i.e.: at my current internship they're working on appealing to the right people and helping them improve that comes pretty naturally to me after working at rp).


What things do you miss most about redpepper?

Super cliché but the people and the culture! The New Biz team (shout out to Victoria, Samara, & Tucker) was super fun and it was pretty much always just a good feeling walking into the space each day.


If you could go back in time, would you intern all over again? What would you do differently?

Yup, and yup. I would be a little more proactive in seeking out some more work around some of the stuff I was passionate/curious about, like the full process of creating an ad.


Any advice for current and/or potential interns to get the full experience?

Meet everyone, they're friendly af.