Regan Strategy//Summer 2015


Strategy//Summer 2015

What did you do after your internship?

I went back to school for my last semester in college and graduated early with a focus in Marketing.


What are you doing now? What's a day in the life?

Now, I work in the Nashville area with a great job in underwriting. My coworkers are wonderful, and I work a great schedule with every third Friday off. I spend a lot of time with my family and am finding some really interesting new friends.


Did redpepper help in your personal growth (during or after your internship)? How so?

I am from a VERY small town, and I had always been super quiet and shy in the past. When I got the opportunity to intern at redpepper, I made a choice to put myself out there and allow myself to really let go. As a result, I made some amazing friends from all over the US and have memories that will last forever. I had been so reserved out of discomfort and insecurity in my small town where being different wasn't always a good thing. But being around such interesting people, both interns and rp employees alike, helped me gain confidence in who I am and how I present that to others.


What things do you miss most about redpepper?

I really miss hanging out with all of the creative, knowledgeable people and hearing their unique stories. The knowledge transfer about everything, not just work-related topics, was incredible.


If you could go back in time, would you intern all over again? What would you do differently?

Not a thing, but I'd love the opportunity to relive it. :)


Any advice for current and/or potential interns to get the full experience?

Get outside of your comfort zone, but stay true to yourself. You may just learn much more about yourself than you ever anticipated.