Will    Client Services//Fall 2015


Client Services//Fall 2015

What did you do after your internship?

Started working at Grey in New York City.


What are you doing now? What's a day in the life?

Working in account management at Grey. My team and I maintain all of the advertising (print, digital, tv, CRM, and social media) for Ally Financial (Bank & Auto).


Did redpepper help in your personal growth (during or after your internship)? How so?

Yeah, it was a good internship. The company culture is unlike any other agency out there.


Did you learn anything at rp that you've applied to your career path(s)? Anything surprising or unexpected?

I learned how to perform the day-to-day tasks necessary for maintaining a successful client relationship.


What things do you miss most about redpepper?

All the peoples (they were like a family to me).


If you could go back in time, would you intern all over again? What would you do differently?

Yeah, fo sho. I wouldn't have done anything differently.


Any advice for current and/or potential interns to get the full experience?

Don't be shy. Hang out with all the other interns, as well as everyone working there. Eat all of the free food and enjoy the free alcohol responsibly. Keep Ryan up-to-date on any juicy shenanigans that happen. Good luck with getting a paying job out of college (the real world is rough).